4 Proven ways of reducing auto transport costs

August 9, 2017

Auto shipping is an involving process. From finding the right company to preparing your vehicle for transportation, you might end up tired after going through an auto shipping experience. For most people seeking car transportation services, the cost is always a big issue. Your choice of car transport company must reflect the quotes. While it might be difficult finding cheap car transportation services, you can actually save money by playing wise and doing things differently. So what exactly should this entail?

Consider terminal services

If you take notice, you will realize that some auto transport services are costlier compared to others. This is true for pickup and delivery options. If you can have your car delivered at a nearby terminal, you will save substantial money. Having your car shipped to your front door will definitely cost you more. You can easily do without door-to-door services and save the money instead. However, you must be keen to collect your vehicle from the terminal as soon as it gets there. Unnecessary delays in picking your car might see you incur storage fees, which can significantly inflate the ultimate charges.

Forego enclosed shipping

Open shipping is a safe alternative for anyone shipping his vehicle. You will get good services at great costs without compromising on quality. Most auto dealers getting their vehicles from manufacturing companies choose this method for various reasons. For once, you will save good amounts of money, especially when shipping several cars. This method is also less involving and ensures your vehicle is protected from any possible damage from external elements.

Plan ahead

If you are going to need car transport companies in the next few days, you need to start early. During peak seasons like summer, auto transport companies book so quickly. For those in a hurry, you might end up paying more than what was in your initial budget. Most people are opting for rush hour car transport services. Subsequently, they end up seeking expedited auto transport services. This alternative comes at higher costs. However, you will be certain of your vehicle being picked up and delivered earlier. With earlier preparations, there might not be a need for choosing this service, saving you substantial cash in the process.

Empty your vehicle

The weight of the car is a key determinant when it comes to car transport costs. If you have some items within the car, the weight of the vehicle will increase. You will end up paying additional fees. You can always ship such items separately or forget about them altogether. Actually, most car transport companies advise their clients not to include any luggage. For those that allow this, 100 pounds is the maximum acceptable weight of luggage.

Although car transportation is viewed as costly, smart car owners can save money shipping their vehicles. Saving money while transporting doesn’t have to involve compromising the quality of services offered. Simply be smart and choose to do things the other way. With this guide, you will be on your way to saving good money when shipping your vehicle next time.