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5 Tips for Shipping your Classic Car

December 8, 2016

Finally, you have bought your dream car; that classic Mercedes or BMW X6 you have always wanted. The only problem is that you might have purchased it in a different state. Driving your car to your hometown is an option but not an advisable one. You risk losing the value of your car due to depreciation or accident. That leaves you with one viable option; seeking the services of auto shipping companies. Having invested so much in your car, you have every reason to invest even more in its transportation and safety. To ensure your classic car is transported safely to the designated destination, you need to have certain aspects in mind.

Be Thorough in Your Research

You aren’t just going to walk straight into the first auto transportation company you have sight on and request them to ship your car; right? If you are shipping your classic car, you wouldn’t want to trust anyone. You need service providers with unwavering reputation and abilities to deliver more. You want to save yourself a unnecessary headache down the road so ask your friends and colleagues who might have transported their classic cars about the auto transportation companies they used. What was their experience like? Did they enjoy the services? In the case of any claims, how did the auto shipping company respond? Having answers to such questions and more are critical in ensuring you and on the best service providers who will not let you down.

Scrutinize the Insurance Coverage

How much compensations do the companies provide in case of anything? You might want to know the insurance policy of the company you are about to entrust your classic car to. The best way is to request for the company’s insurance information and verify its credibility. Even more, you deserve to know the types of accidents covered by the insurance company.

Asses your Vehicle’s Condition

Having invested so much in your vehicle, the last thing you would probably want to do is take chances. Assessing the condition of your classic vehicle prior to pick-up is necessary. Is everything okay? Are there any possible dents? It is advisable tasking photographs of your car and documenting any loose parts if any. In the case of anything, such will enable you to attain maximum compensation.

Go beyond the Shipping Charges

Shipping classic cars can be quite costly. As such, some might be tempted to look for very affordable alternatives. Well, you might want to know the auto shipping silent rule; you only get what you pay. Your valuable car should be shipped under the best conditions possible. If it means digging deeper into your pockets to ascertain that, do not hesitate.

Thorough Vehicle Inspection upon Delivery

Having received your vehicle at the delivery point, you need to ensure that everything is in good condition. Conduct a thorough inspection and note down any necessary changes that might suggest damage. You should only sign the shipping agreement once you are certain your classic ride is in a perfect condition. Otherwise, you can brace yourself for possible insurance claim.