6 Steps to Take When Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping by a Transport Company

March 22, 2018

Auto transportation companies transport your motor vehicle following the details that you’ve filled out on the provided paperwork. In most cases, the information provided for shipping a car usually differ across various transportation companies. Before embarking on the procedure of transporting your vehicle, you need to be well informed of the basics of shipping and the preparations that you need to undertake to have a successful transportation

Also, it is essential to take note that with the necessary preparation measures put in place, chances of your vehicle sustaining any injuries are very low.

  • Prepare and plan for the transportation in advance

Planning and making the necessary arrangements for transportation will give you peace of mind, knowing that your car will be in the hands of trustworthy car transporters.

Planning also gives you a chance to conduct your research and to identify the company that will best suit your transportation needs before obtaining any vehicle shipping quotes.

Remove personal belongings from your vehicle

Take note that your car cannot be used as a briefcase to transport your items and any detachable equipment on the vehicle such as TVs, stereos, DVD players and GPS systems. Any extra things on the car could result in you settling additional costs.

Also, auto transport companies will not agree to transport your vehicle together with your personal belongings. You may also incur losses since any extra items are not insured, should thefts or damages occur.

Remove all custom products such as parking passes and toll tags

Any toll tags on your vehicle should be deactivated or removed from your car to save yourself the extra car shipping cost that comes about with it. Parking passes should also be removed since these items are valuable, and chances of them being targeted for theft are high.

Conduct a walk-around on your car to identify any existing damage

It is essential to recognize and to write down any damage existing on your vehicle before handing it over for transportation. In a few critical steps, you can get your car ready for shipping by carrying out the following:

  • Cleaning up your car and getting it serviced
  • Verifying that your car transporter documents a note in addition to your records
  • Taking snapshots of your car from various inclinations to identify any damage
  • Identifying any scratches, dents and chips and other injuries on your vehicle.


Getting your vehicle ready for shipping

Check with your auto transport company to confirm the essentials that are required in your car during transportation. This because your car may be driven minimally during the loading and unloading processes. It is, therefore, suitable to ensure that your auto is in a good driving condition. Take note that a non-run fee will be charged for vehicles that are not at their best for driving.

In the case where you want to transport a vehicle that is not in a good, it is essential to inform your transporter in advance so that the necessary preparations may be undertaken. Working condition,

Therefore, before shipping your car, you should conduct a maintenance check following the guidelines below:

  • Identify and note down any mechanical problems and sensitive measures that should be undertaken to drive your car while loading and unloading it.
  • Ensure that your battery is fully charging as required by the moving company and that the pressure of the car tires is in check
  • Observe your vehicle keenly and inform your driver of any mechanical problems such as fuel leaks on your car so that it doesn’t cause damages to other cars
  • Empty your gas tank to an eighth or a quarter full level-depending on how your carrier instructs you.
  • Top off all the fluids in your vehicle


Set your car right for loading and offloading

The better you prep your vehicle for shipment, the more likely the ease of arrival will be enhanced and damage prevented. If need be, ensure that you cover the top of your car to protect it from damage from elements such as moisture, debris, and air. Covering the exterior parts of your vehicle is also advised to protect the paint job.

As for the side mirrors and the antennae, fold and retract them respectively to keep them intact. It is essential that you provide detailed and written information regarding how your transporter will operate your vehicle.

By following the specifics instructions on the auto shipping quotes paperwork provided by your shipping company, you’ll be able to minimize damage risks.