7 Secrets to Finding a Reliable Car Transport Company

There are several reasons you may need to have a car transported from one location to another. You could be moving to another state, buying a new vehicle from a different location, or shipping a car to a buyer across the country.

Regardless of why you need to transport your car, it's vital that the car arrives at its destination in the same condition it left in. For that, you need to find a reliable car transport company.

Cars hold both financial and sentimental value. You can't leave it in just anyone's hands. But how do you go about finding the right company to ship your vehicle?

We can help. Keep reading for seven secrets to finding cheap car transport companies you can trust.

1. Ask for Referrals

First, ask people you know if they have any experience working with car transport companies. Ask your friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors if they have any advice.

If not, get on social media and ask your online friends and followers. If you still can't find any valuable insight, join a community Facebook page, and ask for recommendations from the people in your area. These pages are designed for members of a community to buy, sell, trade, and share information.

2. Ask About Credentials

If you need a car transport company you can trust, make sure you look into each company's credentials before making a decision. A reliable car transport company will be registered with the Department of Transportation. Through the DOT, you can see their driving record to get an idea of their competence and safety standards.

Additionally, make sure they are insured and bonded. In the event of an accident, their insurance will cover the costs of any damages to your vehicle. This includes things like road damage from rocks, inclement weather, and debris.

The transport company should conduct thorough background checks on their drivers. Drivers need to be licensed to operate commercial vehicles and have their own automotive insurance.

3. Find Out About Guarantees

When you hand over your vehicle to a car transportation company, you need to know they have your best interests at heart. Do they offer any guarantees with their services? What happens if your vehicle is damaged while in their care?

What if there is an accident and your car is totaled? What if your car is vandalized while the driver is parked overnight? What happens if the car is somehow lost or stolen?

These are important questions to ask when vetting cheap car transport companies. Their promises, guarantees, and compensation methods must be outlined clearly in their contract.

4. Find Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Learning how to find a car transport company you can trust means doing a little research. Go online to find customer reviews and testimonials. Most often, you can find reviews on a company's website and social media profiles.

Look for high-ranking companies. For reference, Nexus maintains a five-star average with our clients.

Alternatively, you can use Google or any other search engine to search for their name and reviews. Search for "car transport company near me" to find local options.

5. Ask About Their Services and Transport Options

Sometimes, finding the right car transport company for your needs comes down to the services they offer.

What transport options do they have? While open-air vehicle transports are generally more affordable, you may want something more secure for a high-value car. Do they offer both options?

Additionally, ask if they have door-to-door services. Will they pick the vehicle up from a specific location and drop it off exactly where you need it? You don't want to pay a transport company for a drop-off in a random location miles away from where you need the vehicle.

Finally, find out who the company serves. Some car transport companies only work with commercial industries, such as car dealerships, auto auction companies, and businesses that need fleet vehicles.

However, you can find a reliable car transport company that caters to all customers, including college students, private vehicle owners, active-duty military personnel, and more.

6. Compare and Contrast Pricing

Before deciding on a vehicle transport service, take time to compare the costs of each company. While affordability is a major perk of cheap car transport companies, don't simply pick the least expensive option. Low-budget car transporters may have under-qualified drivers, poor reviews, and inadequate insurance.

Look at the pricing of each company but pay attention to other factors, like experience, guarantees, insurance, and everything else covered in this article.

7. Gauge the Quality of Their Customer Service

Finally, when searching for the best car shipping company, trust your gut. Listen to your intuition while talking to prospective car transport companies. Try to get a feeling for their overall customer service.

You can glean a lot about a company's professionalism and customer service skills from reading reviews from previous clients, as mentioned earlier. However, there are other things to consider.

For example, if your car transport is time-sensitive, you may need to vet transport companies based on availability. Time-sensitive vehicle shipments also depend on reliable, efficient timelines. A company that takes several weeks to get your car to its destination may not be your best option.

Additionally, ask the company if there's a way you can track your car on the road. You may feel more comfortable if you can keep an eye on its location throughout the shipping process.

Finally, find how do they protect vehicles on the road. If you're using open-air transport, what do they do to protect your car from rocks, pebbles, hail, road debris, and any other damages?

Looking for a Reliable Car Transport Company?

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