8 Tips for Efficient Car Shipping

January 5, 2018

Whatever the reason for moving your car, using professional car shipping services comes with multiple benefits including convenience and reliability. These companies make the entire process easy and smooth, and the fact that they have insurance cover, you can be sure of the security of your vehicle in transit. If you choose to use an automobile shipping company to deliver your car to your destination, the following tips will come in handy in making the transport efficient.

  1. Compare transportation costs

As it is the case with many service providers, you get what you pay for when using an auto shipping company, and if you can get a good deal; even better. So before settling on any mover, check and compare the pricing of a number of companies and pick the one that suits your budget – getting auto shipping quotes is easy and straightforward.

While at it, you want to go with the option of getting anonymous quotes. Most online sites are lead generator sites and will require a lot of personal information before giving you quotes from different companies. However, you will get instant and anonymous quotes on our website with the exact prices. All we will require you to define is your pickup location, the desired delivery location, delivery date, and the make, model, and the year of your car.

  1. Research the carrier

Before using any car moving company, you want to make sure that you are using the best. Conduct a research checking their experience, authority, licensing and insurance cover they have. Among the certifications, they should have one from the Department of Transportation and a Motor Carrier authority. Also, you want to read their customer feedbacks, and if possible, get in touch with a few of them to get first-hand information about how they operate.

  1. Remover everything from your car

When preparing your car for transportation, you will be required to take everything out of it. The reasons behind this requirement are to reduce its weight during shipping. Also, it is easy for them to get damaged if they bounce around during transit besides impeding sight during loading and unloading. It is also a requirement for the auto carriers not to transport personal belongings, that is the work of moving companies.

  1. Take photos of the interior and exterior of your car

Before pickup, make sure that you have done a thorough inspection of your car and took note of any issues. It is also recommended that you take clear photos of the exterior and interior of the car at different angles. This would serve as a record of the condition of the car at pickup for both you and the car transport company.

  1. Protective Transport option

If you are transporting an expensive, luxurious vehicle for which you need protection from elements, you may want to choose the fully enclosed transport option. This would have your car transported in an enclosed trailer rather than on top of the trucks. The other option would be to have your car transported on the upper deck of the carrier truck. There is no doubt that these options will cost you more than what you would have paid for a regular option.

  1. Choose a convenient pickup and delivery locations

The loading point of your car during pickup is essential and needs to be defined well in advance. Since most auto shipping companies use huge trucks, you want to make sure that the pickup location is maneuverable and easily accessible. The same goes for the delivery point, and if your home can be accessed by the trucks, you can request for a door-to-door delivery, that is if your carrier offers it. You have to communicate with the car transporters in time.

  1. Leave only a little gas in the tank

Most car movers will tell you to empty your gas tank and leave only a little for the short distance moving such as when loading and unloading from the trucks. Also, if it will be delivered far from your home, you will want to leave a little more for driving to a gas station. This would be nothing more than a quarter gas-tank full.

  1. Have a flexible timeline

When coming up with the desired dates of pickup and delivery, you will need a little flexibility. It is recommended that you take a while to plan to ensure that you have an allowance to cushion you from inconveniences. After providing the details of the required time of delivery, your vehicle shipping company may experience unforeseen delays. This calls for patience. The Nexus Auto Transport calculator will indicate the possible dates for picking up your car and when it will be delivered.