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Auto Shipping Prices

January 20, 2017

How much will I need to ship my car from New York to California? Is it expensive transporting my vehicle from North Carolina to South Carolina? Most vehicle owners are keen when it comes to car shipping costs. Being a costly venture, many people are always looking for ways to reduce the shipping costs. In the process, some have ended up going for the wrong service providers.

Expect Variations

The amount of money you will spend on shipping your vehicle from one point to another depends on several factors. The distance covered, for instance, plays an essential role in the amount you will pay. For longer auto transportation distances, expect to pay more. The exact pick-up and drop-off locations also influence the auto shipping charges. There’s a surcharge for delivery points that include interior locations. At Nexus Auto Transport, we offer affordable door-to-door auto transport services so you can sit back and relax, knowing that you are fully covered. What of the weight of the vehicle being transported? You have guessed it right. Heavier vehicles like Lorries attract more shipping costs as compared to smaller SUV vehicles. The reason is simple; they require more space hence limiting the number of the vehicle being transported by the same trailer.

Get accurate quotes

To avoid the common confusion that normally comes with auto transportation; you need to get accurate quotes before engaging any auto shipping company. At Nexus Auto Transport, we make your work easier. We have a reliable anonymous auto shipping quote system. What you see in the quotes is what you will pay. You wouldn’t have to worry about extra charges. Even more, we do not need your personal details to provide you with instant quotes. We value your privacy.

Cheap isn’t better

It is common for the first time auto shipper to look for lowest quotes in the market and settle for it. Well, it might sound okay saving money when shipping your vehicle from one point to the other. However, it should not come at the expense of service delivery. You need professionals to ship your vehicle from one point to the other. Most of these services charge average costs. Anything below the expected quotes should make you alert. Who wants his car to be delivered several days after the initially agreed delivery date? Who wants his valuable ride to arrive with dents on it? Everyone wants his or her vehicle delivered in the perfect condition, and it starts by choosing the perfect auto shipping company offering realistic quotes.

Nothing but the best

Most people prefer confirming with individual companies the auto shipping quotes before making a decision. It might be a good start because it will save you money. It becomes even better when you are able to get a referral from close friends or even relatives. When you are referred to us, you will be certain of affordable car shipping services. In the past, our clients have taken advantage of offers and discounts. You do not have to be an exception! Get in touch with us today for affordable car shipping quotes!

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