10 Best Websites to Buy a Car

January 9, 2020

Buying a car today no longer requires you to visit a dealership in order to purchase a car. With the attraction of online buying, car companies are now looking to expand their services to offer mobile-friendly purchasing for tech savvy consumers. If you are looking to buy a car online, the online market is bigger than ever with more shoppers looking to get the best deal. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best websites to buy a car.

You can buy a car with confidence, knowing that these sites below are not only reputable, but also have a high consumer rating.

Car buying is easier than ever nowadays as people can find a car based on: location, color, make, model, price and much more. Being able to narrow your search to find the perfect car is much easier online than it is in person. Shopping for the perfect car and going from one car dealer to another can be completely exhausting and a major hassle. With car shopping online, however, you are taking away the pressure from a car dealer – and saving a whole lot of money!

Below are some of the top rated websites for purchasing a car:

1. CarGurus.com
With Car Gurus, the buyer will know everything they need to know before they make a purchase. Buyers are able to search for new, used or certified pre-owned cars, and Car Gurus tries to reveal all they can about each seller. From customer reviews to seller reputations and even market histories – the buyer will be able to find everything they can before they make the ultimate decision to purchase a car. The individual dealers cannot pay to promote themselves through ads on the website, and the dealers are only ranked on the site by reputation. With Car Guru’s, you can have peace of mind when shopping for your next vehicle.
2. Kbb.com
Kelly Blue Book is a great website for finding car price comparisons to get the best value for your new vehicle. The popular company is recognized by both the automotive industry and consumers as being a reputable company for purchasing a vehicle. The California-based company can help you find the value of your car, find new and used cars, trade in a car and even sell your car. Car insurance companies often use the Kelly Blue Book (Guide Book) to find the accurate market value of a vehicle. They compare prices of all different vehicle types, makes and models to give the customers the most accurate and up-to-date information on new and used vehicles. Vehicle buyers are able to see how much the future costs may be based on entered data from buyers who own the same car. Everything from maintenance, depreciation, insurance prices, and fuel costs can be found on the site.
3. Cars.com
Finding a potential new car is easier than ever with Cars.com. Buying cars online is now more personable as you are able to freely communicate with dealers or private sellers that are online via the messaging system. Onsite navigation tools help to narrow down the search results and help to provide car matches based on preferences. You can narrow your search to find even the oldest models available! Whether you want a brand new car or a retro 1950’s Cadillac, you can find it on Cars.com. They also have expert car reviewers to help you to decide on the right car for your needs.
4. Carvana.com
Carvana is another car buying website that tops the charts due to its customer-friendly approach. Before a car is to be listed on the site, it has to pass a 150-point inspection. The cars can also be inspected by an Experian Auto Check that helps to confirm a car’s identity as well as understanding its capabilities and performance. Save time and money by ditching the dealership fees and communicate directly with sellers. Carvana has easy financing options that fit your budget and a loan calculator to select the best car for your budget. Buyers now have a better way to purchase a car with 7 day risk-free returns. When purchasing a car from Carvana, you have absolutely nothing to lose! You can buy a car online, and if it does not suit your needs, you can return it for free. When car buying is on your terms and not a car dealer’s, it makes the car buying process a whole lot easier.
5. Craigslist.com
Although Craigslist is not just for car buying, a lot of car buyers have found great deals by using the built in pricing filters on the site. By using both the location and pricing filters, a potential car buyer can narrow their search and have a simpler car buying process. Like any online car purchase, beware of scammers and be sure to see the seller in person. You do not have access to seller ratings or buyer protection like with Ebay Motors. To ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for, you should be able to see the car and test drive it before you make the decision to purchase the car. An inspection from an auto mechanic should be done to make sure the car is in great condition.
6. AutoList.com
If you are looking for a large list of vehicles, from different makes and models to colors and sizes – then AutoList is the site you should try. As the name suggests, AutoList provides you with a large list of vehicles to choose from. This competitive website tops the list as a user-friendly mobile website, designed for IPhone and Android users. The app has the largest selection of local vehicles, all at the best price. Find thousands of cars, SUVs, trucks and even luxury vehicles with the new automotive search engine that is transforming the way car buyers find new and used cars. Car buyers are able to browse and compare millions of cars on different sites with the Autolist search engine. From new 2020 models to even slightly used cars, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at AutoList.
7. Ebay Motors
With Ebay Motors, you will find a wide variety of vehicles and even parts and accessories for motorcycles, cars, SUVs, collector cars, exotic cars and much more. With the top auction site on the web, you can find the vehicle you want for a real steal! Cars you wouldn’t ordinarily find on online car sites you can find on ebay motors such as classic and vintage cars. Have a rare car that you want to find? Save your time from searching individual car websites and take a look at Ebay Motors first. You may not only discover a rare car find, but you will also be able to see seller reputation with buyer protection – which Craigslist does not offer.
8. CarsDirect.com
Cars Direct allows you to compare brand new car prices for the best deals nationwide. Whether you are looking to buy new or used cars online, the site offers all the information you would need to make your next purchase. Car tips from experts, car comparisons, popular 2020 models, auto news and new car deals can all be found on the CarsDirect website. With live chat representatives for immediate assistance to a frequently asked questions section, CarsDirect connects with their customers whenever they have auto questions or concerns.
9. CarMax.com
If you are looking for the ultimate used car buying experience, then CarMax will offer you the digital experience unlike any other used car site. From the large inventory to the clear and organized content, car buyers are sure to be impressed with the online shopping experience. With a 125-point inspection, a no-haggling policy and a 7-day money back guarantee – finding your perfect car can truly be a hassle-free experience.
10. Vroom.com
This certified used car site sells cars online from anywhere in the U.S. You can buy, sell or trade-in a certified used car with fixed prices. For those looking for a variety of vehicles to choose from, Vroom has 3,000 to 4,000 available at once. Cars being sold on the website have to pass a 126-point inspection before they are listed for purchase online. With your online purchase, you will get free nationwide shipping right to your own doorstep. If you are unhappy with the purchase of your vehicle, you have a 250 mile test drive or 7 day money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts On The Best Websites To Buy A Car

With so many different reliable online car websites to purchase your next car from, why even bother going to a car dealership? Forget the price haggling, pushy car salesmen and hefty price tags. Online car shopping allows the buyer to be in control, with easy onsite navigations that allow price comparisons, ability to rate sellers, financing options, and an overall hassle-free experience. See what others pay for your exact next vehicle and feel confident with the next vehicle you purchase. Get buying tips, car reviews, seamless contact with private sellers and much more. Choose your next car from one of the above sites trusted by millions nationwide, and get all of the car features you want within your budget!