Car Moving

How you want yo moving your car

Stress and confusion are usually associated with car shipping, especially when you are doing it yourself. The good thing is that you can use a car transport company have the peace of mind you need to think about other matters. These professionals are trained and the experience they have gained over the years makes them the best to handle all your car shipping needs.

The experts at Nexus Auto Transport share their thoughts and ideas on how to make your shipping efficient and convenient. It is worth noting that your preparation will determine whether the transportation will be successful or not.

Do your Homework

Nothing beats information when you are looking for a car shipping company, so you want to have loads of it. Research on all matters car moving including the trends in the market. Narrow down to some of the best car shipping companies and find out more about them. The best way to know how they operate is by reading their customer feedback. It is true that most online reviews are not reliable, but if you could get it firsthand, then you can be sure to judge its integrity. This could be a friend or relative.

Cost of shipping

The next thing is making your budget. You want to get the best deal but quality services as well. As such, do not make a mistake many people make – going with the cheapest option – only to regret later. Also, when checking the rates, be sure to confirm what they cover. You may be required to pay extra if you want your car delivered to your door or any other additional service.

While you can get quotes from almost all car moving companies, not all of them are reliable. This is in the sense that you will have to provide personal information when requesting quotes. Most of these sites are lead generators and will sell your information to companies in exchange for quotes. However, on the Nexus Auto Transport website, you can use our calculator to get anonymous and instant quotes without proving any personal information. What you will provide will be the details of your car, including:

  • The make, model and year of the car
  • The location for pick up
  • The location for the delivery
  • Date of the delivery


One of the benefits of using a car shipping company is the fact that they provide insurance coverage for the vehicles in transit. That implies that you will have a peace of mind when you hand over your vehicle for transportation. So, before you sign any document, check and confirm that your vehicle will be adequately covered on the road during transit. This may require you to have your insurance agent present when going through the papers.

There needs to be a clear definition of the party liable for certain damages on the road. If you think that the cover is not enough, you may make plans to add, and although it will cost you more, you will have a peace of mind.

Preparing your car for shipping

Another important step when thinking to use car shipping services is preparing your vehicle. This is aimed at making your car safer for travel and acceptable to the transport company. Also, you will need to make sure that your vehicle is in excellent condition when handing it over, meaning that it should come in the same condition. Here is how you should go about preparing your car for shipping.

  • Remove everything from the car

Most companies require that you remove everything from your car before handing it over for transport. This is to reduce the chances of getting damaged when the vehicle jolts during hoisting and moving. Also, it can compromise their safety if they are valuables.

  • Wash your car

Besides the need to have a clean car in transit, washing your car can help you identify the dents and scratches that the car has before shipping. As such, if it comes back with more, you will easily notice. After washing, it is recommended that you wax the car to protect the paint from the effects of road salt, grit and debris among other dirt.

  • Leave only a little gas in the tank

It is a regulation that all car movers do not carry hazardous material like gasoline. As such, it is a requirement that every car in transit should have empty gas tanks, with only a little to get you to a gas station once your vehicle is delivered. So, you want to ride around town to burn off the tank before handing your car over for transportation.