Car Shipping FAQ

Cost, payment, & cancellation FAQ

Can I pay the full transport cost with my credit card?

The following credit cards are acceptable, amongst them, Discover, American Express, Master Card as well as VISA. For more information, you can contact us through:
paying auto transport services page.

Does the shipping cost depend on the value of the vehicle?

No, it is all based on model as well as the make of your vehicle. Another important aspect is the year of the car. Another factor that influences the cost of transport is the size of the vehicle.

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Insurance & personal items FAQ

Are personal items in the car insured?

No, individual belongings in the car are not insured. It is advisable that you keep all your personal items in the trunk and observe maintaining the weight not more than is worth noting that the hauler will not be responsible for any personal property that might have been forgotten in the car as well as any damages that occur as a result of overloaded personal properties. Do not leave plants, firearms, valuables, electronic equipment, alcohol as well as drugs in the vehicle.
Preparing a car for shipping.
Important facts to know.

Does my vehicle need to be insured to ship it?

This is optional but only if your registered vehicle is leaving your state. When we are shipping a car to your destination, all that is required is signature as well as a walk around with the carrier at the picking point. This helps in identifying some errors at a pick-up.
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Pickup & delivery FAQ

Is your service door-to-door?

Yes, we will collect your vehicle from your desired point and drop it to your desired point. For instance, our drier picks it from door A and drops it at door B just as required.

Can I place an order if I don’t know the exact address?

Make sure that you use the most appropriate address when placing an order so that you can get the right price.

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Car shipping services FAQ

How long does car transport take?

This will be determined by the transportation option that you are looking into. There is an economy and expedited option whereas economy costs less but consumes lot of time as expedited costs more and consumes less time.

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

Open carrier auto is simply loading the vehicles onto an open truck as well as shipping it from one point to the other. It is the most reliable and convenient. On the other hand, closed transport is transporting the vehicles in closed carriers. This means that the vehicle is protected against intensive sunshine, rain as well as ice. Learn more from:
open vs enclosed car shipping.

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Useful information FAQ

How much gas should I leave in my car?

The best estimate is one gallon which will be enough to the vehicle to reach a nearby filling station once it is unloaded.

How should I prepare my car for shipment?

Even though the whole process is organized by an auto transportation company, the owners also have a role to play to ensure that the transportation runs smoothly. For instance, car owners are responsible for cleaning the vehicle before it is shipped. They should ensure that all tires are okay especially when it comes to their pressure. Make sure that the radar detectors as well as alarm systems are off. While looking into details such as organizing for anti-freeze, especially when shipping the vehicle during winter is very important. Clear all personal items from the vehicle before it is shipped. If everything is put in place as recommended, be sure that you will experience seamless and enjoyable vehicle shipping.

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