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Car Shipping from California to Los Angeles

April 19, 2017

Every day, thousands of car owners across the country ship their vehicle from one city to the other or even from coast to coat. Most of them are first-time auto shippers who are just entering this exciting sphere. If you happen to be shipping your car from California to Los Angeles any time soon, a wonderful experience awaits you. It is something you can and will enjoy. You just need to find answers to some of the most critical auto transport quotes and play by the rules. Let’s walk through some of these questions.

How far in advance do you need to set up your order?

Unlike personal travel where you just wake up one day and decided to board a bus, auto transportation requires prior planning. It is recommendable that you schedule at least two weeks before the pick-up date. This presents the auto shipping company with sufficient time to organize the carriers and finalize the paper work. Worth noting, you can also schedule auto transportation within two days if it is urgent. However, you will have to pay more for express expedited auto shipping service.

Should you settle upfront payment?

Different companies have different policies when it comes to pricing and payments. Some auto transport companies will insist on down payment. With this arrangement, you will settle part of the payment before the pickup and clear the balance once your vehicle has been picked. For others yet, yet, you will only pay the full amount once your vehicle is picked by the auto shipping company. Most auto shipping companies respond better to clients that have made deposits. Before making such commitments, however, you need to find out which companies offer payback services if services are not delivered within the stipulated time. Unless you trust the company involved, non-fundable auto transport deposits need not be considered.

Is it possible to have personal items in the vehicle?

Yes and No; is that confusing? Almost every auto transport company offers 100 pounds guarantee on personal items. This is an equivalent of two suitcases. The law, on the other hand, says that a vehicle can be charged up to $10,000 f0r carrying household items during transportation. By having personal items in your car, you not only stand chances of paying fine but also the risk of losing your items. If you had no idea, auto transport companies do not cover insurance for such items. You will not get any compensation in case of damage or loss of property.

Do your Homework

In addition to these questions, you also need to find out the average shipping costs from different companies. What are their quotes? Even more, you will need to make inquiries on the possible paperwork involved in car transportation. What documents are necessary? The bottom line is; you need to be thorough in your homework. If you want to have a smooth experience transporting your car from California to Los Angeles, do not take any chances.