Car Shipping from Chicago to Dallas

When seeking to transport your car from Chicago to Dallas, you can either opt to drive yourself all the way or use professional auto transport services. You will agree that the former option is tiring and costly compared to using a vehicle shipping company to deliver your car to Dallas. The benefits of using professionals to transport your car are also enormous. So, if you are relocating, or going to school or have bought your new machinery online and are looking for a competent car shipping company, look no further than Nexus Auto Transport.

The thing about car shipping is that it is not something you frequently do, making it a hardly known process to many people, more so, when using the Chicago – Dallas route. One thing is for sure – it is not a complicated thing if you are using the right company to handle the transportation. Here is information that can help with your vehicle shipping.

Choosing the right carrier

The first thing before you settle on any transporter is to select the right one. You want to make sure that your vehicle will be safe from Chicago to Dallas, and it will depend on the carrier you pick. So, what are some of the things to look out for when picking an auto shipping company? The first factor worth considering is the certifications the company has. Car moving companies are required to have a certification from the Department of Transport and observe the regulations set by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Check and confirm that the carrier has insurance coverage that will protect your vehicle from damages on the road. This might require scrutiny of the agreement well before signing any documents with the help of your insurance agent. Let it be clear what each party will be held responsible for in case of the various uncertainties on the road during transit.

Requesting quotes

Another critical thing to do when choosing a car shipping company is to get quotes from several companies. This will help you choose the best option that suits your budget. Most of the sites online are lead generator sites. They will require you to provide personal information, sell it to several moving companies before you get access to quotes from these companies. With the Nexus Auto Transport calculator, however, you will not provide any personal information – you get instant and accurate anonymous quotes.

Transport options

The most common transport option is the use of open trailers where vehicles are arranged on a lower and upper deck. But that is not all. You might choose to have your vehicle transported alone in what is referred to as the private transport option. There is no doubt this option is more expensive compared to the other.

The reason why many people choose the private transportation is to protect the vehicle’s paint from elements such as debris, grit, and road salt. Another alternative would be to use the upper deck of the trailer when transporting the vehicle. Whichever option you want to be used when moving your car from Chicago to Dallas, it is important that you communicate with your carrier beforehand.

Pickup and delivery

Just like transport, pickup and delivery can be of two major options. The first is door-to-door, and as the name suggests, the car move will come for the vehicle at your home or a predefined location. The same will be done with the delivery – It will either be delivered at home or a stated location. The second option is the terminal-to-terminal. In this case, the carrier will only pick up and deliver at their terminals. Meaning, you will have to take your vehicle to the transporter and take it from them once delivered.

One important factor to consider when choosing your pickup and delivery locations is the accessibility of the areas. If your destination in Dallas is not maneuverable by the huge trucks that most car movers use, you may be required to take your car from the terminal.

Can you know the delivery date?

Absolutely. Matter of fact, you should inquire about the possible days of pickup and delivery. In many instances, it should not take longer than if you had driven yourself from Chicago to Dallas. Professional auto shipping companies should give you a precise window within which your vehicle will be delivered to your destination. With the Nexus Auto Transport calculator, you will get more than a quote for your car transportation. You will also get the possible dates for pickup and delivery to your stated location.