Car shipping from Chicago to New York

Are you looking to ship your car from Chicago to New York? It is one of the busiest car shipping routes, and you will need to make the right choice for a carrier if you seek convenience. The first thing worth noting is that professional vehicle shipping services are what you need, and you can count on Nexus Auto Transport to offer efficient and quick transportation of your vehicle.

But who are the people that might require having their vehicles shipped from Chicago to New York? The first group of people are those relocating to New York from Chicago. Driving all the way can be both exhausting and stressful. The other is students who want to move to their homes in New York for a holiday and are not planning to leave their cars behind. Also, if you just bought a new ride in Chicago, you can count on professional automobile shipping to deliver it to your home or preferred destination in New York.

How to go about it

Remember that the success of the transportation of your vehicle from anywhere will majorly depend on what you do and the choices you make. As such, you want to make sure that you are doing everything right, and not leave the responsibility of a successful transportation in the hands of your carrier. So how do you do it?


The first thing would be to research the car shipping company to handle the transportation of your vehicle to your destination. There is no doubt that the options available are many, but you will have to look for specifics like what their insurance covers, their certifications and customer feedback. It is easy to find untrustworthy reviews online, that is why it is recommended that you find the company’s previous clients to get firsthand about their experience.

Get quotes

You will want to have an exact estimate of the much it will cost you to ship your car to New York from Chicago. But while at it, be sure to check the sites from which you get the quotes. While you may get a number from several companies, most of them ask for too much personal information. On the contrary, we offer anonymous quotes, meaning you will not provide any personal information when requesting quotes on our site. What’s more, you get exact and instant quotes for your planning.

Define your pick up and destination

You will more likely have to define your location of pickup and delivery when signing up for auto shipping services.  These locations will have to be easily accessible with the huge trucks that most automobile shipping companies use for transportation. If they are not, you may have o mover your car to a rather accessible location, and pick it from the transporter. Another information worth relaying to your carrier is that your car is not running – if it doesn’t, that is.

What you need to know from your transporter

After checking and confirming that you have the right mover for shipping your car from Chicago to New York, you want to gather relevant information about the services they offer. It is recommended that you do this before signing the final contract document. Here is what you need to find out:

The available transport options

Most auto shipping companies offer more than the common open trailer transport option. There is the closed trailer transport where your car is transported alone in a closed trailer. This method is costlier than the previous and is mostly used when transporting expensive vintage, or luxurious vehicles.

What their policy covers

Since your car will be vulnerable to a number of damages on transit from Chicago to New York, you want to make sure that it is adequately covered. The agreement documents should have these details and if need be, have your insurance agent help you go through them.

Delivery options

While some companies only deliver the transported vehicle to their terminals for the owners to pick, others have the option of delivering them to the owners’ homes. Be sure to ask about the charges for the various delivery options. You may want to choose delivery to your home if storage fees are higher.

When your vehicle will be delivered

Competent and professional vehicle transport companies will give you a timeline for the delivery including the date you should expect your delivery if everything goes as planned. When using the Nexus Auto Transport calculator to get the quote for the transport of your car from Chicago to New York, you will get the possible pickup and expected delivery dates as well.

After getting the information, you require and providing sufficient details for the shipment of your car, sit back and let the professionals do their thing.