Car shipping services FAQ

Can I ship a car that doesn’t run?

In general, the answer is yes. Keep in mind that you will have to pay additional fee that is normally charged for non-run vehicles. For instance, in case the vehicle being shipped is not in best driving condition, the transportation provider will require additional equipment to load the vehicle on to the trailer.
More about preparing vehicle for transport, and
shipping quote calculator.

Can I ship a collector car?

For you to receive your car at the expected destination, you have to look into the following factors such as the degree of protection offered by various shipping options as well as insurance coverage among others aspects.

Can I ship a Golf Cart?


Can I ship a modified or oversized vehicle?

Yes, but prior to this, please contact our customer service and let them know all the facts.

Can I ship a Motorcycle?

More about shipping costs.

Can I ship a vehicle with a lift kit and oversize tires?

Yes, before opting for this option, it is important that you contact our customer service and let them understand all the facts regarding the same.

Can I ship a vehicle with a roof rack?

Mostly, this is possible, but, there are additional charged that you will have to incur specially when shipping a roof rack on a vehicle. Contact our customer service for more information.

Can I ship a vehicle with low ground clearance?

Yes, this is possible in most cases but, contacts our customer service prior to everything and let them understand all the details.

Can I ship an ATV?


Can I transport car by train?

Yes we can depending on availability for your schedule, there are longer wait times and prices are generally the same as if you were to transport with a truck.

How far in advance should I book?

This depends on when you would like your vehicle to reach considering your schedule, generally if you schedule in advance, we can provide lower pricing and have more time to secure a spot on the truck.

How long does car transport take?

This will be determined by the transportation option that you are looking into. There is an economy and expedited option whereas economy costs less but consumes lot of time as expedited costs more and consumes less time.

How long does it take for a car to be shipped?

This will be determined by the transportation option you have considered, preferably, choose expedited for faster delivery but this is a bit expensive compared to economy option.

How long does it take to ship a car across the country?

This will be determined by the transportation option that you have considered. For instance, Expedited express service is the best as it consumes less time.

How long does it take to ship my car?

This will depend on the transportation option that you have opted for. For more details regarding the same, you can contact our customer service.

How long will I be without my vehicle?

It will depend on your shipment route and schedule, you can always have a backup person accept or release the vehicle on your behalf. Speak to a Nexus agent today 224-218-2949.

How many cars can fit on a car carrier?

It all depends on the carrier that you are using. For instance, an American commercial car carrier can accommodate not less than 5 cars and not more than 9 cars. This will be determined by size, weight, trailer model among other aspects.

How to transport car from state to state?

It is as simple as filling out your quote and let everything handled by:
Nexus auto transport.

What is Door-to-Door auto transport?

Door to door service means the driver scheduled to transport your vehicle will come as close to your address as safely, legally possible. If the trucker is unable to get to your exact address for pickup or delivery, he/she will ask to meet at a nearby parking lot where car can be safely loaded/unloaded.

What is Terminal-to-Terminal shipping?

Terminal-Terminal shipping is simply transporting your car from one Terminal to the other which means that you will have to drive the car to Terminal “A” and later one pick it from terminal “B” while driving it. This one works perfect for destinations that do not offer carriers. This option is cheaper compared to others. Once the vehicle has arrived at the destination Terminal there will be additional cost for storage. See everything you need to know about car transportation service.

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

Open carrier auto is simply loading the vehicles onto an open truck as well as shipping it from one point to the other. It is the most reliable and convenient. On the other hand, closed transport is transporting the vehicles in closed carriers. This means that the vehicle is protected against intensive sunshine, rain as well as ice. Learn more from:
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What is top load?

Top load services are a bit expensive as compared to other services as the vehicle is normally loaded at the top deck of the trailer. This means that the vehicle will be safe. Learn more from:
car shipping article.

What methods of car shipping services do you offer?

Amongst the services that we offer are, Seasonal Auto Relocation, Open Carrier Auto Shipping, Classic Car Auto Shipping, Enclosed Auto Shipping as well as Expedited Express Shipping. Visit our site for further details.

What types of vehicles do you ship?

Any kind of vehicle is it motorcycle, car, Golf cart and ATV among others.