Car Transport from California to Illinois

Efficiency in vehicle shipping stems from adequate research and planning, and shipping your car from California to Illinois is no different. You want to take your time to consider all the variables in play before settling for one car mover to handle the shipping. It is, however, not easy for many people seeking to transport their cars between these two states to know what to include in their plans, and if you are one of them, then this information will help.

Auto shipping is about preferences, and you will need to define them before choosing a carrier. Make sure your transporter has all the information, and that you understand what to expect from the carrier as well before signing any documents.

Making a budget

The first step to planning is knowing the estimate of the much you will spend on the car shipping services. There is no doubt the value will vary from one car mover to the other and depend on the type and model of your car, the type of transport you choose to mention a few. The good thing here is that you can get quotes from multiple companies for the transport of your vehicle from California to Illinois.

When getting quotes, you need to be keen not to land on the lead generator sites. These sites will demand your personal information to avail quotes from a number of shipping companies. What you need are anonymous quotes where you provide no personal data, only the relevant details on your car model, delivery and pickup locations and the preferred mode of transport. The Nexus Auto Transport calculator offers instant, anonymous quotes with exact prices at your request.

Preparing your car

Before handing your car over for the transportation from California to Illinois, you need to prepare it. This is aimed at making it acceptable to your carrier for shipment and ensure the protection of its paint when in transit. Among the things to do when preparing your car for shipping include:

Empty the gas tank

One of the most important things to do before taking your car for shipping is emptying your gas tank. But why is that? According to the regulations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), car movers are not allowed o carry any hazardous materials, and gasoline is one of them. For this reason, your carrier will require your tank to be empty, or with only about a gallon for taking you to a gas station after delivery.

Remove everything from the car

You also need to remove all personal belongings from your car before pickup. There are high chances that they will bounce around during shipment and get damaged besides damaging the car. Besides, they may end up blocking sight during loading and unloading.

Wash and wax the vehicle

You want to ensure that you get your car in the same condition it was before pickup and washing and waxing it will contribute a lot to protecting the paint. The wax will prevent elements like debris, grit and dirt from destroying the car’s paint.

Shipping Time

Your carrier should provide you with an estimated time of shipping your car from California to Illinois. Among the things that will affect the shipping time of your vehicle include the carrier’s schedule in the transport option you choose for your car. Be sure to have their customer care contacts to inquire about the delivery date. With Nexus Auto Transport, we give our clients the possible dates of pickup and delivery. You can get all these when inquiring about our quotes using the calculator on our site.

Safety and Insurance cover

It is the responsibility of your mover to ensure that your vehicle is safe during transport. According to the regulations of FMCSA, the carrier should ensure proper fastening of your car on the trailers to prevent rolling. That means that if the vehicles are transported together, they should not touch. They will also take note of things like oil spillage and loose parts that might damage your car or its paint. On your part, you will be required to ensure that the braking system of your car is functioning before the pickup.

When it comes to insurance, take the time to understand what perils the carrier’s insurance covers. These should be included in the agreement that you will sign, and so before doing that, you need to understand the cover first. If anything needs explanation, your insurance agent should assist.

Nexus Auto Transport prides in offering convenient and efficient car shipping services to its clients, and if you are planning on moving your car from California to Illinois, our professionals can help. Get an instant, anonymous quote on our site to get started.