Common Auto Transport Myths They Have Made You Believe

July 10, 2017

Shipping your car from one part of the country to another is an involving process. For those shipping their cars for the first time, it is so easy to get confused along the way. For the informed group, however, interstate auto shipping is an exciting endeavour; one you are bound to love all the way. The problem only sets in when what you know about auto transport is not actually true. In the past, many car owners have been made to believe certain auto shipping myths. Consequently, they have come to believe this process is complicated; something that isn’t entirely true. So what are some of these false beliefs?

You can only ship operable cars

I have an inoperable car. Is it possible to ship it from state to state? In the past, many first time customers have sought answers to this question. While some companies restrict their auto shipping services to moving cars, Long Distance car moving service caters for all cars regardless of its status. You can, therefore, rest assured of safe deliveries of your inoperable.

Such a service requires elaborate equipment. That as well explains why shipping inoperable cars is slightly costlier compared to transporting the normal cars in good condition. However, one must be keen to avoid the possibility of overpayments.

Door-to-door delivery service is expensive

Well, when it comes to delivery of cars under transit, there are two available options. You can choose either terminal-to-terminal car transport service or door-to-door auto shipping. What is the difference? Terminal to terminal involves your car being shipped from one auto shipping centre to another pick-up centre, possibly close to your home. This happens in cases where access roads are narrower and unreliable thereby making it difficult for trailers to navigate their way. Door-to-door to door service, on the other hand, involves your vehicle being picked from a location as close as possible to your residence. Similarly, the vehicle is delivered to a convenient location, possible the nearest street to your home.

Because of the great convenience and extra mileage involved in door-to-door auto transport, many people have come to believe that this service is so costly. What they don’t know is that terminal-to-terminal auto transportation can actually be expensive in certain cases. When you leave your car for several days after delivery, you will be liable for storage charges. If numerous days are involved, you can end up paying so much money. If you have an opportunity of having your car shipped door-to-door, do not blow it away.

Auto transport quotes entirely depend on distance

Honestly, this stands out as one of the most common myths amongst people using car transport services for the first time. It is true to say that, the distance involved is an essential factor when it comes to auto shipping charges. However, it is not the only one. Other factors play equally essentially roles when pricing car-shipping services. For instance, the size of the car being shipped will have a significant impact on the car transport quotes. If you are shipping smaller vehicles, you will definitely pay less compared to another person transporting his SUV or lorry.

Several factors go into auto shipping quotes. Besides the distance involved, required pick-up and delivery times also influence the ultimate cost of shipping a car from one point to another. It is recommended that car owners contact respective auto transport companies at least ten days before the service. While that might be true, it is also undeniable that you can have the car shipping arrangements finalized within 48 hours. Urgent car shipping services are available to all car owners who are willing to pay a little more to have their vehicles arrive in good time.

Always settle on the most affordable quotes

For many people looking for car transport services, the list of priorities is dominated by the charges involved. How much is it going to cost me to have my car shipped from Georgia and North Carolina?It is not uncommon to have clients ask such questions. While it is important for car owners to consider the amount involved, your decision shouldn’t be based entirely on the quotes. You must consider other aspects in totality. Never hire a car transport company simply because it offers the lowest quotes in town. Instead, focus on quality and only bring on board reliable and trustworthy car transport experts. That shouldn’t mean you only hire car transport companies charging highly for their services. Be realistic about the offers and only consider what is best.

Car shipping companies are all the same

How many times have you heard of that phrase? Many car owners who have been disappointed in the past hold this belief that car transport companies are the same. They simply believe that all auto-shipping companies are bound to disappoint. Those who have enjoyed amazing Long Distance Car Moving service can as well testify how wrong this is. We are different from the rest.

Here, we only focus on ensuring every car owner gets real value for his or her money. You can always take advantage of that to ensure you have your car shipped safely and securely. How effective the auto transport process largely depends on the kind of company handling the shipping process. That gives you every reason to make wise choices when selecting car transport companies.

Ship your car easily

It is important approaching auto shipping process knowing what to expect. In the case of doubts, you can always take widely circulated information on the internet. Just be sure not to gather inappropriate information or misconceptions about car transportation. With this updated list of common auto shipping myths, you are to have a bright auto shipping experience.

Do you need any additional information on auto transportation? You can always get in touch with Long Distance car moving service team. Our experts will be willing to extend a helping hand where necessary! Feel free to call for more information!