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Common car shipping myths demystified

June 13, 2017

Myths surround every other thing that human beings engage in. Auto shipping is not an exception. Belief in such misconception has made them make poor and uninformed choices. It goes without saying that car transportation can be a tedious undertaking that can give you sleepless nights. However, if you plan early and refuse to believe the following myths, it should be a success.

Terminal to terminal transport is cheap

Transporting a vehicle from one terminal to another may be convenient for the carrier, but it might prove to have no advantage over transportation to your specific location. While transportation costs may be cheap, additional costs such as keeping your car at the pickup terminal may make it even more expensive. Before you choose to pick your car at the terminal, you can do the math and check which is cheaper.

The cost of transportation is dependent on distance alone

The cost of transporting a vehicle is a product of many factors. Apart from a distance, other factors such as the type of car, the mode of transportation, and the timeline also affect the cost. For example, transporting a sedan would be cheaper than transporting an SUV because of the amount of space consumed. Open trailer transportation will be cheaper than enclosed trailer transportation due to protection from elements.

Shipping takes more time than driving

Suppose you move from one corner of the United States to another corner, driving a whole stretch of several thousands of miles may not be a wise decision, it could also be expensive venture altogether. There is the cost of fuel and the cost of lodging together with other expenses along the road, which if totalled, will prove to be more expensive than transportation.

It is difficult to prepare your car for shipping

It is important that you understand that preparing your car properly for shipping is to save you from losing your personal belongings and to make the transportation less tedious. All you need to do is to ensure that all personal belongings are removed. You should also ensure that the fuel tank is half full and that your car batteries is fully charged. This saves you from additional charges due to winching. This should be simple.

Quote is the final price

A quote just gives you a rough estimate of the cost to expect. Other factors that we described above can affect the cost of transportation. In addition, the weather may also affect transportation. Transportation may be cheaper during the winter when the demand is low and high during the summer when the demand sky rockets.

The carrier is fully liable for all damages during transport

Most carriers only cover for damages due to their own negligence and not other circumstances such as natural catastrophes or bad weather. It is, therefore, advisable that you seek the services of another insurance company that can cover for such damages. Once you grasp the above myths and choose to avoid them, car transportation is a success in waiting.