Cost of shipping a car

How much Cost of shipping a car?

How much will it cost? It remains the biggest question that every client wants an answer to. While one might want to give a direct figure for such a question, it is apparent that the cost of transporting a vehicle from one point to the other varies significantly. From distance to routes uses, several factors influence the ultimate cost of transporting a vehicle from one point to the other. So how much will you end up paying for car transportation? In the past, auto transportation has turned out to be a costly venture for many people. With Nexus Auto Transport, it doesn’t have to be so. We have an automated cost calculator, which guarantees accurate transportation quotes.



Get it from the experts

In order to know how much it will cost you to move your SUV from Florida to Georgia, you simply need to get a quote from our system, and it will be sorted. One amazing aspect about Nexus Auto Transport cost calculator is that it gives exact quotes. With such software, you wouldn’t need to worry about additional charges or hidden costs that might end up breaking your budget. Yet again, you do need to provide your personal details to obtain a quote from us. We process the quotes in a seamless way without the need to infringe your personal privacy. Are you worried about time factor? It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to get your quotes. You do not need to worry about writing long emails or even making demanding calls to know how much you will need to pay for auto transportation. We make the process easier and more fascinating.

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What goes into auto shipping quotes?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of shipping your vehicle cross country depends on several factors. One evident factor is the distance involved. The mileage covered will play a substantive role in determining the amount of money you pay for car transportation. For instance, the cost of shipping a new Ford vehicle from South Carolina to North Carolina is different from that of transporting the same vehicle from South Carolina to Georgia.

Different customers have varying needs, and that explains why there are different car transportation packages. The most commonly used auto transportation method is the open carrier car transportation. This standard car transportation procedure is less involving in terms of costs and complexities. For those in need of enclosed auto transportation services, you will need to pay more to cater for the advanced security measures. Similarly, express expedited auto transportation services also attract more charges because the customer will have their vehicle deliver within a shorter period. Do you need your vehicle to be delivered right outside your door or wouldn’t you mind collecting it at the terminal. Your answer will determine the eventual costs you pay for car transportation.

Hiring or DIY Auto Transport?

For those shipping their cars from one point to the other, there lies that option of driving your car to the desired destination. Would you better go for this at the expense of choosing professionals? For longer distances involving more than 1,000 miles, it will take you two full days, or even more drive the full length. Even more, you will need to refill your tank at least twice before calling it a successful auto transportation process. You will also need to think of spending time in a hotel room, to rest and get meals. For someone who is working or in personal business, it will mean staying out touch for two days or more.


The better option

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Taking into consideration all the factors, there is no doubt that choosing auto transportation experts is the ideal choice. Having been in the industry for more than two decades, we have enough experience to tell the difference between DIY auto transportation services and going for professional. For one, you will be able to save considerable time. While it might take you three days to drive your car to your home, you will just sit back and relax when you involve professionals. It is more cost-efficient seeking the services of professional car transportation companies as compared to driving yourself. By driving your car, you will have to think about the money involved in filling your gas tank. You will also need to take care of accommodation and meals while on your way. Summing up everything makes the entire process of driving your car less cost effective.

For those who have just acquired their new cars, putting unnecessary stress on the vehicle is probably the last thing you would want to do. Driving your car over 1,000 miles over a short period can stress the car components like the engine. With the services of professional auto shippers, you will have your car delivered, still sparkling and in good condition. For car owners who might want to consider doing it on their own, it becomes more challenging during the cold season. With frozen roads and other visual technicalities, you might be wary of your security and the safety of your car. When you choose professionals, your car wouldn’t have to brave the adverse weather conditions. At Nexus Auto Transport, we have experienced drivers who have everything it takes successful car transportation services in all seasons. They boast of decades of experience, giving you all the necessary assurance you need.

Go for the best

Worth noting, not all companies will offer you the best auto transportation services. While you might want to concentrate on the cost of auto transportation, the lowest car quotes might not necessarily be the best. Besides pricing, you need to consider other critical factors when choosing the ideal car transportation company. How long have they stayed in the industry? Do they have sufficient insurance covers? How do they process insurance claims? Do they have any issues with the licensing? Getting accurate answers to such questions will save you unnecessary regrets. Why would you settle for an alternative when you can get easily get the best car shipping services?

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