Cost to ship a car

Cost to ship a car
What is the cost of shipping a car across country? If you have transported your car in the past, you might have found yourself asking such a question in the past. Blindly going for auto transportation services without necessarily knowing how much is involved is wrong. It is something you wouldn’t want to do; you can trust me on that.

Ask for exact quotes

Getting accurate quotes is the safest way of knowing how much money one will need to set aside for the process. Are you shipping your car from North Carolina to Alabama? Did you just buy a car in New York and you live in California? The distance involved is a major issue when it comes to getting auto shipping quotes. For instance, transporting larger vehicles from New York to Florida costs $800 to $1100. With exact quotes processed by individual companies, you wouldn’t need to keep guessing the prices and making unnecessary adjustments. At Nexus Auto Transport, you can get your instant car transport quotes online without making a call. Simply visit the quote section and get accurate pricing. The process is easier and faster, so you do not to worry about complexities.

What’s the car model?

The kind of vehicle you are shipping will also play a significant role in the ultimate shipping charge. For those shipping smaller cars, the charges will be less. On average, it costs a customer between $600 and $1,000 to ship a four-door Sedan from California to New York. To ship a smaller van over the same distance, it will cost $800-$1100 on average. Having such figures in mind makes the decision-making process easier and less dramatic. Such figures might fluctuate outside the given ranges depending on other factors. To avoid unnecessary guesswork, it is advisable for you to get the quotes directly from the car shipping company. In the case of Nexus Auto Transport, you have access to such services every day of the week.

Do you have any special considerations?

Not all shipped cars are equal in value, to be honest. At the same time, people also attach different values to their rides. This might be reflected in the type of car transport services they opt for. Open carrier auto transport is the standard method of shipping cars across the country. However, most people transporting classic cars and sports cars choose to used enclosed car shipping services. Depending on the vehicle and company used, the additional charges can range between $800 and $3000. If you are shipping an antique car, you have every reason to spend more to ensure your vehicle gets the best car shipping services available.
Personal preferences may also play a role when it comes to the amount of money you will spend shipping your car state to state. For instance, faster car shipping process calls for higher quotes. At the end of the day, you need to decide on the best quotes that not only fit within your budget but also guarantee your car a secure shipping experience.