Cost to ship a car

February 26, 2017

Read First How Much Cost of shipping a Car?

Car shipping rates vary, more often than not. For someone shipping his vehicle from one point to the other, the charges will always fluctuate depending on several factors. From the distance involved to the time taken before delivery, several factors play a substantive role in determining the ultimate amount one will pay to have his car shipped from one location to another. Other critical factors include:

Pickup and Delivery Locations

Most people prefer to have their cars collected at their doorsteps. This is known as door-to-door service. For those who live in remote areas or inaccessible locations, it becomes difficult for the driver to reach those areas. To compensate for the inconvenience, the client will pay more for the services rendered. The same applies to delivery points, which are off the main road. The vehicle owner will have to compensate both the driver and the carrier for the conveniences involved.


The season of the year has a direct influence on shipping costs. During summer, the weather is adorable, and many people find it easy shipping their cars. People prefer such periods because there are minimal chances of bad weather elements like heavy rain or snow that can easily cause damages to cars. Due to the high traffic involved and commitment of most shipping trucks, they end up paying more for the services. It is a different scenario during winter because less customers are willing to ship their vehicles. Consequently, there is low traffic and auto shipping companies charge competitive rates to benefit from the low market.

The company involved

The shipping charges also vary from one company to the other. While some companies offer competitive rates, certain auto transport companies are not fair in their charges. For someone who is new in the industry, you can be ripped off unknowingly. To avoid cases like that, it is advisable to run a background check on a car shipping companies before engaging them. Do they offer affordable services?

However, you must be careful not to fall into the traps of other dishonest shipping companies. Some companies provide sweet deals as the initial quotes. The customers only realize the additional charges after paying non-fundable deposits. Be on the lookout if you are to avoid being ripped of in such a way. If you can find a former client to make inquiries from, it becomes better. However, you can also take advantage of customer reviews. For a company that is renowned for hidden charges, you will get the information from the review sites.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we provide accurate quotes to our customers. Our cost calculator offers the exact charges. What you see in the quotes is what you will pay, eventually. Above everything, we consider transparency such a great virtue. We believe in remaining true to our philosophies and giving customers value for their money. No hidden charges, which might end up inflating the auto shipping costs, exist at Nexus Auto Transport.

How to ship a car

Most first-time car shippers approach carriers and broker believing that auto transportation is such a complicated process. That is why many of them are willing to pay so much money to have their cars shipped to respective destinations, even if they are being overcharged. If you had no clue, car shipping isn’t such a complicated process. With a few tips, you can ensure a successful shipping service without necessarily paying more for the same.

Do your research

The first process involved in car shipping is carrying out extensive research. Unlike other services, you should not wake up one day and settle for the first car shipping company you find. You will have missed it right from the start. Finding out more information about shipping companies is an important procedure for clients. No one wants to fall into the hands of unworthy auto shippers. However, only a handful of customers are willing to do what it takes to ensure successful car transport services.

How many years of experience does the company have in the auto shipping industry? The auto shipping industry is a challenging one so going for inexperienced crew might be catastrophic. Similarly, you should inquire about other aspects before making further proceedings. This preliminary procedure will help you to eliminate other shipping companies that are not worth your time.

Ask for References

You can also save time by asking for references at the initial stages. With three or four companies to choose from, you will save time spent on shortlisting your preferable shipping companies. Do you have a friend who has shipped his car before? This is the time to take advantage of such opportunities. In the past, many people have benefited greatly from word of mouth referrals. If you know a neighbor who is experienced in the auto shipping industry, start from that point.

Request Quotes

Having shortlisted companies based on their abilities, now you need to contact individual companies and request exact quotes. Different companies have different ways of availing such information to their customers. At Nexus Auto Transport, we offer instant, anonymous quotes. That means you do not require any personal identification details in order to access the quotes. We believe in customer privacy. We do not share any information of our customers because we believe in dignity preservation. Amazingly, Nexus Auto Transport unlike many auto shipping companies, guarantee exact quotes. This means customers will not pay more than what is provided by the costs calculators.

Closely related to this is the comparison process. For this to work for you, you need to have a budget. How much will you be comfortable paying for car transportation services? This will act as your guide when shortlisting car transport companies. While doing so, you should be keen. Never settle for auto shipping companies offering the lowest rates. You might end up paying more for the services or receiving poor auto shipping services. You deserve the best so take your time and choose the best car shipping company worth your money and time.

Contact car shipping company

At this point, you will have eliminated several car-shipping companies based on the quotes offered and other critical factors. As such, you will be remaining with two or three car transport companies to deal with. Contacting individual companies help you to gauge their commitment and customer relations. You also get an opportunity of making some inquiries and seeking answers to questions you could not find during your research. Take your time and gauge the level of competence of each car shipping company. If their customer service experts cannot treat you in the best way possible, it is more likely that your vehicle will be handled in the same manner. You do not need to risk. Only engage the services of the company that will ensure smooth auto transportation. You can then schedule the pickup date. Whether you would like it to be picked and delivered to your door or the nearest terminal storage, the choice remains yours. The scheduling be done two weeks in advance or more. This gives the company ample time to prepare for the shipping needs. You also get to avoid unnecessary rush which might have catastrophic results on the auto transportation.

Preparing the Car for Shipping

Having made a reservation, you can now start preparing your vehicle. Most people are not aware of the preparation techniques involved in car shipping. If you are that individual, you do not have to worry because we have you covered at Nexus Auto Transport. Simply make inquiries, and we will let you know everything. Otherwise, we recommend our potential clients to go through the following procedure when preparing their cars for auto transportation.

  • Thoroughly wash your car before shipping. Why would I do that when my car will be shipped in open trailer? Someone might ask. Cleaning your car makes it easy for you to notice any defaults. For a clean car, it is easier to spot dings, chips and other cosmetic damages evident in the car during transportation. This evades the confusion and unnecessary arguments at the delivery locations.
  • Get rid of any personal items within the car. At Nexus Auto Transport, we often advise our customers to ship their cars without any personal items inside. However, we allow luggage up to 100lbs within the trunk, at no extra cost. You cannot have any personal item at the front or backseat of the vehicle. Nexus Auto Transport does not provide insurance cover for any item loaded in the vehicle during shipping. You must, therefore, decide if it worth the risk because there won’t be any compensation in case of anything. It is also possible for your driver to charges you additional fees for the load due to increase in weight.
  • Disable the alarm. The last thing you would want to happen is the car alarm going off in middle of transportation. There will be a great inconvenience, and you will end up paying for that. Ensure the alarm is disabled before the picking up of the vehicle.
  • Go slow on the gas tank. You do not need to fill the gas tank prior to Ideally, it is recommended that the gas tank should be ¼ full during auto transportation. It will save you unnecessary weight. Even more, there will be a reduction in chances of gas leaking.
  • Tightly fix or remove any part loose part of the vehicle. Parts such as fog flights and spoilers should be detached to avoid falling off or getting damaged during auto transportation. If you cannot handle the removal, you can seek professional intervention. If your car has wide mirrors, you might want to fold them back at this point. You should also be keen on retracting the antenna before shipping.
  • Ensure simple repairs are carried out. In the case of any leaks or damaged parts, you should seek professional services to ensure your car is shipped in good condition. Is your car operable? Shipping cars that are not moving is more expensive. You do not need to waste money unnecessarily when you can have the car repaired quickly at affordable rates rather than spend extra cash on shipping it while it is not running.
  • Carry out additional measures necessary for smooth transportation of the vehicle. For one, you should ensure the battery is fully charged, and the tires are properly inflated. In the case of any leaks, you should inform the driver, prior to pick-up time.
  • Take pictures of your car and have a list of all the possible defects before handing over the vehicle for transportation. Before signing the bill of lading, you need to ensure that every included detail is correct. Feel free to make inquiries in case of any doubts.

After you vehicle has been picked up, it will take a couple of days to have it delivered at the designated location. The time taken normally depends on the route taken and the distance involved. It can take up to one or weeks to have your car safely delivered outside your door, in certain cases. At Nexus Auto Transport, we will inform you on the possible pick-up and delivery dates. You can also track the progress of shipping at the comfort of your home.

Ship a car direct

You need to be present at the delivery point to receive the vehicle and sign the papers before doing so. You need to confirm every single detail before signing the bill of lading. Is the vehicle in good condition? Are you satisfied with the services? You will then pay the driver and call it a deal.

As opposed to what you might have heard, shipping a car direct isn’t such a complicated process. With appropriate tips, you will find it easy to ship a car direct to any state regardless of the distance. Do you have any questions regarding car transportation? Don’t keep it to yourself when we can easily provide sustainable solutions. Call our customer care team today; we will be willing to offer assistance!

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