Do you have a relocation problem? Let us handle it with care.

October 2, 2018

Relocating is a hard process for every individual and getting the right solution for the problem is even harder.  You have to consider a lot of factors, and without anyone to guide you, along with the process it will be a tough situation to handle.


Handling the situation your own way

It is a possibility.  You may want to try organization it yourself.  It means, driving it yourself to your destination.  What are the disadvantages of self-driving your car?

  • Distance.  Considering that you will be relocating from the west coast to the east coast in the U.S.  The distance is impossible to drive without compromising a lot of things. The drive will take you days or weeks to complete if ever it is possible.  How about your physical fitness? Can it endure the stress?
  • Time. Time is also essential in some travels.  You may be going there to attend a business conference, or your car is an entry to a car show.  You need to be there on time. You cannot afford delays due to breakdowns on highways.
  • Physical strength. Do you have what it takes to force a few hundred or few thousand miles?  Do you have the courage to drive in unfamiliar highways or expressways?
  • Psychological strength.  What about psychologically, are you fit to endure the long days of driving?
  • Safety.  Safety is a concern.  You will be crossing several states and drive along unfamiliar highways.  Anything can happen along the way. You may be robbed, involve in vehicular accidents or simply lost along the many expressways.
  • Road worthiness. You may be driving the latest model car, but, is it roadworthy?  What about breakdowns in the middle of nowhere? It will be an additional cost once you call for a tow truck company to tow your car.

There are many more reasons, why, people choose to engage a car transport company to move their cars.  You can’t afford to be delayed and stalled in the highway with a breakdown car.


Let us handle it

Let us handle your relocation problem by shipping your car, worry-free.  We have some of the best packages in the car transport industry, such as:

  • Open carrier auto shipping.  This is the standard way of shipping cars, much more if it is in quantities.  It is the cheapest, secured and it also has insurance coverage. It is more preferred for shipping ordinary cars, and it is most of the time available.  People who wanted to ship their cars fast opt for this package.
  • Seasonal Auto relocation. This is a very different situation. As the season is about to change, people are starting to prepare for their next destinations, away from the coldness of winter. For the wealthier ones, they have the option to go abroad to tropical countries, while the other local will opt to move to less cooler states. Because you are always included in our mindset, we have designed a package for seasonal auto relocation.  But, you must understand that there will be differences in the processing and of course the pricing, against an open carrier package. With us, shipping of your car is extremely hassle-free. All you have to do is get on to your flight and just wait for your car to arrive at your destination in perfect condition, no more, no less.
  • Enclosed auto shipping.  Still worried, because you will be transporting a latest model expensive sports car?  Erase the worries, as we have mentioned earlier, we designed these packages with you in our mind.  Take our enclosed auto shipping package. Shipping expensive cars need not be expensive. At Nexus, we won’t go overboard, and we won’t rob our clients.  In fact, we add value to them, not just a value, but, a great value.
  • Classic car auto shipping. You are a car enthusiast, and you want to ship one of your classics?  Have peace of mind now, we are ready for you. With our excellent connections and transport handlers, your classic will still be the same classic, when it reached you.  You can still drive it with pride in your destination. We don’t care if you have the most expensive car on the planet or you own the most vintage car in the world, let us handle it, and we will deliver.


We are your car transport service provider

Do you have a relocation problem? Let us handle it with care. We at Nexus Auto Transport Company will be happy to serve you.  Our experienced in the industry, coupled with the passion of our staff and the right connection, we are what you looked for.  Visit us at and learn more about us.