Don’t Ship Your Car before Reading This

May 30, 2017

Auto shipping is a process. It takes time. For someone going through it for the first time, patience is necessary. Although it is not complicated, simply waking up and choosing the first car transport company willing to offer auto shipping services isn’t how it works. You need something more. Not so many people ship their car often enough to gain unparalleled experience in auto shipping. Consequently, many car owners end up making regrettable mistakes. For a seamless car transport process free of mistakes, it is advisable to have some tips in mind.

Do your homework

You might have heard about this a couple of time. That doesn’t change anything. You do not want to hire a car transport company you know nothing about; trust me. You need to have some basic ideas of the auto shipping company you are about to entrust the task of shipping your car to. You must be certain that you are comfortable with their services. For a start, you might want to find out the level of experience they possess. What do previous customers say about their reliability? Do they keep their words? The last encounter you want to have is waiting for eternity for your car to arrive, long after the agreed delivery dates.

You can obtain loads of information about a car transport company from Federal Motor Career Safety. Consumers can take advantage of their hotline number to verify information on insurance and license of their shipping company.

Grasp the basics

Background research aside, you also need to have some basic ideas in mind before shipping your car. It is advisable to keep an extra set of keys for yourself after handing over one set to the driver. When requesting for quotes or talking with one of the auto transport agents, it is important to specify any modifications or special conditions of your car. For instance, the auto transport company has the right to know whether your vehicle is inoperable or oversized. In addition, you need to inform your car shipping company if your vehicle is leaking any fluids. For those residing in areas that are not easily accessible by heavy trucks, you must be ready to drive your car to the nearest terminal.

Preparing your vehicle for shipping

It might be true that the auto transportation company has a huge role in ensuring the car transportation process is smooth. That is not all, however. Car owners also have a responsibility of ensuring secure and seamless auto transportation. To streamline the inspection process, it is necessary cleaning your car before auto shipping. To avoid any inconvenience that might arise later, be sure to check tire pressure and fluids of your vehicle. Radar detectors and alarm systems should be off as part of the preparation process. When shipping your vehicle over winter, adding antifreeze will be necessary. Most importantly, ensure you remove all personal possessions from the vehicle prior to shipping.  With these guidelines in place, you are bound to have a seamless car transportation process regardless of the car model of auto shipping destination.