Enclosed Auto Shipping; is it an Option for You?

June 13, 2017

For a car owner considering shipping his car from one point to the other, you will definitely be confronted with the task of choosing the ideal auto shipping method. Auto transportation comes in various methods depending on the level of convenience, safety, and the amount of money one is willing to spend. In the past, many people have had questions about enclosed auto transportation, which is one of the widely used car methods. Is it worth considering? At what point should you choose it over other car transportation methods? Isn’t it too costly? If you have never had precise answers to such questions, you are in the right place!

Which car are you shipping?

The first consideration you will probably want to make when choosing auto transportation method is the kind of car involved. With ordinary vehicles, you can comfortably use the standard method of open carrier auto transportation. In the case of antique rides and sports cars, however, something more is necessary. Such cars require extra care if they are to arrive safely without any scratch or damage. Most professional auto shippers would advise you to opt for enclosed auto shipping option when transporting luxury. You will have peace of mind. After all, who is willing to risk the safety of his dream car when he can easily do something about it?

It’s all in your budget

It is true that enclosed auto shipping is safe. It comes with extra security measures including vehicles being transported in enclosed containers. Such enhanced security measures come at additional costs. For you to use enclosed auto transportation service, you must be willing to relax your budget. How much more are you willing to spend to ensure your favourite ride gets safely to the required destination? In most cases, you can pay up to $800 more for this service. Someone who is working on a tight budget might as well want to consider another alternative available.

The level of safety required

Enclosed car transportation is all about protecting your car from external weather elements and other factors that might destroy it. As such, people opt for this kind of auto transportation when they require advanced levels of safety for their cars. If you believe it is worth it, there is no reason holding back. You can go ahead and request for it.

Request accurate quotes

Before settling down on enclosed auto shipping, you need to obtain exact quotes. Ideally, enclosed auto shipping services are more expensive compared to the standard open carrier auto transportation method. The difference between the two might be too significant for some car owners. Obtaining the quotes will help you clear any possible doubts. Nexus Auto Transport makes it easier for everyone to get online quotes. The process is so fast and doesn’t come with any restrictions. The quotes are instant and can be obtained anonymously without submitting any personal details. In the case of any questions regarding car shipping, you can always ask the experts who are always there to offer professional assistance.