Everything you Need to Know Before Transporting your Car

July 12, 2017

Do you need to transport your car over a long distance? Then auto-transport is definitely for you. Most folks may think that transporting your car using auto-carrier companies is a wallet-emptying endeavor and would rather drive it all the way to their destinations. However, this is not entirely true especially when the mileage to be covered is long. Factors such as wear and tear, additional travelling expenses such as accommodation, and gasoline refill that are associated with long distance driving will take a lot of bucks from your account; besides ruining your car. Who wants that? That leaves you with one option; seeking the services of professional auto transport experts.

Before hiring any auto shipping company, however, you must be certain that you are getting real value for your cash. That is only possible if you have in mind a couple of facts. Let’s walk through them.

Choosing the best auto-transport company

This should be your first concern. Auto-transporters come in all ranges, with some acting as brokers. The allure of cheaper pricing may often lead uninformed consumers to deal with brokers whose primary concern is to make a profit without guaranteeing the safety of your car. Finding a reputable company to do the job well is, therefore, worth it. The company should have an insurance coverage for your car in case of damage during transport, an elaborate pricing system tailored for the needs of the particular client, a long history of reliability in delivery and a stop terminal near your preferred destination. The best way to get the right information about companies can be through their websites, auto-transport reviews, or referrals from customers. Long Distance car transportation has a history of favorable reviews from different customers, giving it an upper hand when it comes to car shipping.

Which auto-transport options are available?

Depending on your budget, preferences, urgency, and type of car you are transporting, it is prudent to enquire from your transport company what would be ideal for you. Cars can be transported by various means. By road, an open truck or an enclosed truck can be used.However, rail or ships may be used especially in interstate transportation. Open trucks are the most common and cheapest over relatively short distances, and I guess you have probably come across them on many occasions.

Enclosed trucks, on the other hand, are rarer and slightly costlier but offer the advantage of protecting your car from harsh weather factors such as extreme summer or winter conditions besides ensuring privacy. Rail can be used when the distance to be covered is relatively long. However, since most destination points may be further from railway terminals, they are usually used in conjunction with trucks for the best delivery. Ships are mostly used for transporting import and export cars but can sometimes be used for the coast to coast transport in countries with long coastlines.

What affects auto shipping quotes?

After taking into account the factors above, it is imperative to know what influences are pricing while transporting your car so that you can have a reasonable budget. First and foremost is the car size. Small cars, as opposed to larger cars like SUVs, are much cheaper to transport since they would occupy lesser space in the carrier.The type of carrier to be also used matters, with the enclosed truck being more expensive as it offers more exclusivity and protection for your car. The distance to be covered too influences to a great deal the charges to be quoted. Long distance transport that traverses many states are more expensive than the ones within a single state.

The state of your car; that is, whether it is inoperable or not can have a huge impact on transport costs. Inoperable cars need to be lifted onto the carrier rather than being driven into it, raising the price even more. The time of the year, say winter or summer too can influence the rates, with those in winter being relatively more due to the hassles in transport presented by snow. Besides, winter conditions may pose a threat to the safety of your precious car. Thus most folks opt for enclosed truck transport which is more expensive.

Available delivery options

Delivery options include door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery. The former simply implies the movement from your former residence to the new one exactly, while the latter would require you to transport your car again or better still, drive it to your final destination. Terminal to terminal may be convenient in cases where accessibility to the preferred destination is not guaranteed for the carriers, and where it is deemed the cheaper option. Door to door is ideal for cars that should not be driven, such as those on collection. Other options may include quick or late delivery depending on the urgency with which you would like the car to be transported.

Why are you shipping your car?

This factor is worth considering for anyone shipping his car. Major reasons include out of state movers, car collectors, and small business owners. As a car collector, sensitivity to car safety is of utmost importance. Hence the preferred means of transporting should be an enclosed truck to preserve its integrity. Small business owners that transport a large number of cars should use either rail or an open multicar carrier truck since it is cheaper on a large scale.

Take advantage of offers

Everyone likes offers that would make car transport cheaper or the experience much better. That is why checking out on the best deals in the market is an important prerequisite before settling for a particular company. Some of the most common offers include free tracking services for your car while it is in transit so that you can keep a check on your precious cargo. Free driver service from the company’s terminal to your doorstep if you are not keen on doing it yourself is another tempting offer, very common.Yet again, you can benefit from non-deposit payment options so that you make payments only on delivery. With that, you are bound to have a wonderful car transport experience!