Everything you need to know about transporting luxury cars

June 16, 2017

Moving a car can be a very challenging undertaking. It becomes more challenging if the car comes with a price tag. Luxury cars are cars that are highly valued by their owners. Some owners have saved for their lifetime to own one. If you have to move from one point to another, sometimes it is not practical to drive to the place you want to go to due to time constraints or the distance itself. The challenge you will have is how to transport your luxury car. You will not trust a stranger to drive your car.

Do your homework

Well, you need a shipping company to help you with the shipping of your car. The fact that your car is a luxury car makes it something you don’t want to give any company. It is important that you do your homework properly before you decide on any particular carrier to take the job.Just to be sure that you are dealing with experienced hands; you can ask the company how long they have been in business. Go for the experience because such companies have seen the vicissitudes in transporting luxury cars.

Compare shipping quotes

It will be important to compare the prices to have a rough budget of what you are going to spend on the shipment. For a luxury car, safety comes first even before the cost of shipping; it is not prudent to take chances because repairs may cost you more than you planned for. You can get the prices online, or you can request for a free quotation from the company. While transporting your car, you can make a choice depending on your pocket whether to go for open trailer transport or enclosed trailer transport.

Choose enclosed auto transport

Open trailer transport is cost-effective but has its own fair share of problems. This mode of transportation exposes your car to elements such as weather or other factors such as poor roads that can cause damage to the car. If you choose this way of transportation, ensure that the vehicle is well secured.

Enclosed trailer transport is the best option for you. Luxury cars are delicate, and therefore they should be handled as so. Enclosed trailers protect your car from elements. Most are fitted with shock absorbers all around the inside of the trailer to ensure even more safety of your car. Though enclosed transport is expensive, it is worth the bargain.

Verify insurance details

Before you transport your luxury car, ensure you know the extent of liability of your carrier. Most carriers cover for negligence on their part. These damages are those that could be avoided. Damages due to natural calamities such as rains and cyclones are not covered. Therefore, you can bring along another insurance company to ensure that you have sufficient cover.

Air shipping can also be a fast and efficient way to transport your vehicle. This is especially when your have imported your car from far. Another alternative is using the sea for transport. This can take a long time depending on the distance. If you want your car to be transported quickly, this is not going to be the best option.