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October 10, 2018

Moving out or relocation is always associated with the word hassle and stress.  It is the common expectation among people who are going to relocate to another place.  They are concerned with many possibilities, and unless they can find a reliable car transport company, those thoughts are always there in their mind.


The basic problems that are common in car shipment are

  • Too much cost.  One of the problems in relocation is the high cost of shipping your car.  The higher is your shipping requirement, the higher is the cost. It will be more costly if you are shipping it in cold season, as it will require a more comprehensive way of shipping your car.
  • Delays in shipment.  Another problem that is always experienced in car shipment is delays in the delivery of the vehicle.  These are caused by lapses in the handling or documentation of the vehicle. Sometimes, this is also caused by poor decision making among the handlers of your car.
  • Damages in the body of the car.  Another problem is cosmetic damages in the body that is caused by exposure to other objects or harsh weather condition.
  • Damages in the interior of the car.  Since the car will be driven by other people during loading or unloading, chances are there will be damages in the interior.
  • Wrong delivery.  This may not be a common problem, but, this can occur.
  • Lack of insurance coverage.  One of the problems encountered is the lack of insurance coverage.  When the shipper tries to claim damages, the shipping company will tell him that it is not covered by insurance.

These problems mentioned above are inevitable and leaves doubt in the mind of every shipper.  


How do you measure the integrity of a car transport company?

There are many car transport company operating in the country and looking for the best, is a challenge.

  • Go through their website, explore each page and read the reviews from their satisfied clients.  There, you can also see their logistic capability. You can see who they are partnering with.
  • Check who they are partnering with.  A good company will always partner with the good company as well.  If your service provider is partnering with a reputable company, it is good to presume that your service provider is also a reliable company.
  • Check the number of years they have existed.  If they have been in the industry for a long time, they should be good.
  • Their office, equipment, and people.  Good company is managed and run by competent staffs and should have state of the art equipment.
  • License and authority to operate. A good company should possess a license to operate a business.


What do you expect from a reputable company?

  • Time efficiency.  Because speed is essential in every transport company’s success, they always put premium in choosing the right people to handle the job.  They cannot afford to lose a customer, because of inefficiency in performing their duties.
  • Cost efficiency.  Because they are time efficient, the cost of operation is also less.
  • Accurate Quotation.  With a reliable company, you can be assured of an accurate quotation.  They are investing in special software, which does auto computing features.
  • Safety of your car. With a reliable company, safety of your car is their main concern.  You can be assured of a premium care service of your car.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage.  If you let a reliable insurance company handle your transport problem, you will be assured of complete insurance coverage from pick-up to delivery.  Broken glasses, dents, and scratches can be taken care of by the insurance company.
  • Quick tracking service.  A good company can track every car shipped by them.  It is one way to eliminate the anxiety from the customer, knowing that their car is on its way to your destination.


The car transport company that offers a hassle-free transport service

With Nexus Auto Transport Company, you can experience moving out hassle-free.  They have designed transport packages that will leave every customer with nothing, but, total comfort.  Their approach is holistic in nature, which in turn amazed their clients.

With dedicated people and deep connection in the industry, the only thing their customer can expect from them is the prompt delivery of service.  At www.nexusautotransport.com, you will find out that they are not just an ordinary car transport company.  They are here to stay, and they are here to last.