I face problem with my car shipping another place, one day My Friend Suggest Me Auto Shipping Company and its really so good work

May 13, 2018

Car shipping is a growing industry with numerous companies offering hauling services all around the country. The trade, however, is a delicate affair which is best done by companies which have been providing these services for a long time. Interstate car shipping is even more complicated especially for the coast to coast delivery services which may take up to a month to reach their destination. For car shipping services, reputation counts a lot. It is best to have a company that is experienced in transporting automobiles across the country than one which is only starting and less experienced in the field. A less experienced carrier may be prone to damage as well as delays in delivering the shipment.

For effective and reliable shipment of vehicles, I recommend Auto Shipping Company. Auto Shipping Company is a licensed and insured automobile transporter which is well equipped to meet customer needs. For interstate car shipping, there are a lot of things that you should consider for your vehicle transport to be trouble-free. For example, you can get your car delivered much faster but for a higher price. To understand interstate car shipping better, here is all you need to know about interstate car transport.

Insurance covers

Always check the transporting company’s insurance cover before scheduling your vehicle pickup. This is important because any damage during transit is usually covered by the carrier’s insurance and you don’t want your car shipping to cost you more than you paid for. Auto Shipping Company is the perfect choice for car shipping since it is insured and also registered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. To affirm this registration, you can enquire about the insurance and the registration numbers before you book the service.

Clear your car of personal belongings

Before you ship off your car, make sure that there is nothing important or of value that you have left behind. Personal belongings are not usually covered by the carrier’s insurance. Another disadvantage is that the personal belongings can be confiscated during a customs check since they are not authorized to be transported along with the car. It is always best to leave your car empty when preparing it for shipping. In some cases, personal belongings may cause the car to be slightly heavier than usual. This may cause the hauling price to go up because of the vehicle’s general weight. If the car is heavy, then it takes up some weight that would have been used up by another car thus the increase in price.

Specify pickup and drop off points

Before your vehicle’s transportation starts, make sure that you specify to the company’s representatives the location of picking up the vehicle and dropping off as well. This will help avoid any miscommunication between the usual dropping point and your preferred location. Auto Shipping Company provides customized transportation where the customer can choose the route to be taken by the carrier so that the vehicle can reach the destination the fastest way possible. This, however, will cost slightly more compared to the normal carrier’s route.

Check in with the company representatives

During transport, you can contact the company’s representatives regularly to check on the status of the shipping. This will help you know where your vehicle is all the time and also help you approximate the expected time of arrival. Consequently, you can enquire about GPS tracking from your carrier’s representatives. Some companies offer GPS tracking of your vehicle during transit which greatly improves efficiency since the tool can be used online without the need of contacting the company. With this information, you can contact the company if you find your vehicle immobile for a long period of time and address your concerns.


Interstate car hauling is usually ambiguous when it comes to determining an estimated date of arrival. This is because state to state car transportation is usually affected by a lot of factors because of its long distance. Weather, traffic conditions and breakdowns all play a role in the speed and efficiency of car shipment. For example, a carrier will take a shorter time transporting during the summer than he will when transporting during the winter because the roads will be less accessible. On average, transporting a vehicle across the country may take 2 to 4 weeks in total depending on external factors and the carrier’s route. However, if you are in a hurry to get your vehicle across the country you can get it in 7 to 14 days but you will have to pay more. This will mean having your vehicle follow a direct route from the pickup point to the drop off point.