Get a car shipping quote

Getting a shipping quote is simple, secure, and fast with our service. By entering a small amount of information into our car shipping calculator, you allow this tool to provide your auto shipping rate.

Will My Information Be Safe?

Many shipping companies gather your information in order to pass it on to other industries, who call or email about services that you never wanted to begin with. This practice is widespread across several industries, but unethical.

Our privacy policy is clear. We never sell or give away client information. The only uses for your information are the quote and a follow-up once service is completed.

Why Is Your Service Better Than Other Companies?

Our agents monitor market fluctuations in real time, giving the added advantage of providing up-to-date rate information. We pass on the savings to our clients, which ensures you’re always getting the best rates. We can only achieve this by providing high quality service and the best possible rates. Many other companies will offer a bargain basement rate, then later hit you with charges and fees they never mentioned. We strive to do better, customizing your quote to include all fees and charges and notifying you of any conditions that may affect your final total.

What factors can affect the quoted price?

When you request a quote, the calculator will ask you important questions, such as:

  • Where is the pickup location?
  • Where is the delivery location?
  • What is the date for your pickup?
  • What is your expected arrival date at the delivery location?
  • Are the locations easily accessible by large trucks?

For example, if you are relocating from Montana to Pennsylvania at the end of December, we’d hit the jackpot for complications! Factor in a remote pickup location and we may not be able to arrange a pickup when you need it due to winter weather. Of course, we will discuss any such issues like this with you during the quote in order to find the best rate possible for your specific conditions.

What factors can affect the estimated shipping time? Along with your quote, you’ll receive an estimated shipping window. This estimate is based on optimal conditions and can be affected by several problems including:

  • Driver availability
  • Bad weather
  • Road construction
  • Scale delays
  • Late deliveries to other destinations

While we try to provide the fastest possible delivery, we cannot guarantee perfect conditions along the road. You will be contacted if there will be a delay in your pickup or delivery and we will always do our best to provide you an outstanding service.

Give Our Car Shipping Calculator a Try

We believe in providing a premium service without it costing you an arm and a leg. This is why we take every measure to ensure our auto shipping cost calculator offers you the most competitive prices.

Economy: If you’re not in a rush to ship your vehicle and you have some flexibility in regards to the pickup date, this is definitely the most cost effective option and perfect for those on a low-budget.
Standard: If you’re happy to pay the market rate to have your vehicle shipped in a timely manner, this is the recommended option. Pickups are normally within 3 days from the first available date and your driver will head to the destination immediately after pickup.
Expedited: If you’re in a rush to have your vehicle shipped as soon as possible using our dedicated drivers, expedited is the way to go. Guaranteed pickup dates are available for most routes using this service. CLICK TO CALCULATE YOUR CAR SHIPPING PRICE