Handy Tips for Ensuring That Your Car Shipping Goes Perfectly

April 7, 2018

Car shipping is increasingly becoming a part of many people’s lives. Moving across the country, transporting a classic car and buying a car overseas are all reasons people use auto transporters. Gone are the days when it was only businesses and organizations that were known to use car movers. Everyone is using them now – you only need to make the right choice. Car shipping companies offer a variety of services including the door-to-door pickup and delivery, covered or uncovered car transport, and the single-car trailers.

The shipping of cars and vehicles can be quite a strain and has become an everyday job in many car transportation companies which are involved in the shipping of motor vehicles across the world. While ensuring that all aspects are adequately taken care of at all stages, these companies are responsible for handling, collection, loading, export paperwork, and insurance.

Here are some of the most important considerations when choosing the shipping company to use for the transportation of your vehicle:

Consistent Growth

You want to research the shipping company that is always improving on what it does, and how it executes its operations. Such include the incorporation of technology in their operations to make the car shipping smooth and more efficient for the clients.

Professional and Experienced Drivers

There is no doubt you want your vehicle handled by the best, and that is where the professionalism of the driver comes to play. Experienced drivers will have an easy time navigating routes and managing the load they carry. To top it all, all the vehicle transporters are equipped with a tracking system. Hence the company can know their position, thus offering a high level of security and tracking.

Safety of your Vehicle

Keep in mind the safety of your vehicle, backed by the demands and expectations of the market and the individual customers. This will enable transportation companies to invest heavily in the right equipment, thus providing you with quality services.

These services are further guaranteed through a regular maintenance schedule of the equipment itself so that deliveries take place in time and without unnecessary complications.

Improved shipment profile

Over the years, the methods of transporting cars have evolved from a roll on roll off sea service to using multi-vehicle transporters. Identify companies that have shipped a substantial number of prestigious vehicles in closed box trailers for a higher level of security to be in a better position of receiving efficient and top-notch services. This shows the company’s ability to handle your car shipping conveniently.

Availability of Different Auto Shipping Services

You might want to look for auto transportation companies that offer all kinds of auto shipping services before settling for specific car shipping quotes. For instance, companies that provide services for classic, exotic and vintage cars are most likely to provide high quality services.

Dedication in Their Service Delivery

Choose a company that has a record of dedication and consideration in their service delivery. You can tell this from the reviews previous clients have about the company. Transporting a vehicle is not something that takes place every day. Sometimes, it can even seem depressing. It is essential to find a transportation company that will take the time to walk with you through the vehicle shipping process and answers any questions you might have.


There is yet another task for you when you decide to ship your car. First, you will have to identify reliable car carriers to do that. Ensure that you do your thorough research before booking with car carriers. This will help you decide which company you can trust with your vehicle.

Insurance Cover for Your Vehicle

The car transport rates that you pay for moving your car must include the protection from perils on the road. If this is not the case, get in touch with your insurance company and find out the solutions they are going to provide that will guarantee your vehicle is insured if something goes wrong. Also, have your insurance agent around if you want anything made clear to you.

Cancellation Clause

Almost all car moving contracts come with a cancellation clause. According to this clause, if the car movers fail to meet the contract statements, you can demand a total refund.


It is advisable to have your vehicle delivered during the day when there is the natural light. This is because inspecting it in the natural light will be much easier compared to when doing it at night. Any kind of new defects or dents will be easily visible during the daytime.