How auto transportation works

It’s not as complicated as you may think! In fact, just a little bit of basic information about the auto shipping process will go a long way towards explaining how auto transportation works.

You may be worried that auto transport is too involved and too much of a headache to consider as a viable option. Well, fear not! The car shipping process is relatively simple and has just a few variables to keep in mind. This handy guide about how auto transportation works will give you everything you need to know for executing a successful vehicle shipment with Nexus Auto Transport.

1. Grab a Quote & Schedule Your Shipment

There’s no need to wait and no obligation to fret over. Just use our online car shipping quote generator, enter some basic information about your route and vehicle, and voila! You’ll get an extremely competitive quote from Nexus Auto Transport no matter what time of year it is.

These quotes apply to three different automobile shipping options with varying turnarounds based on your particular needs – Economy, Standard, and Expedited. Here’s a quick lowdown on the three auto shipping options at your disposal:

  • Economy – Our most popular (and cheapest) car shipping option! Based on trucker availability and auto shipping logistics, your car will generally be picked up within 1-5 business days of the time when it’s ready.
  • Standard – If you’re under particular scheduling constraints, we advise Standard shipping. Vehicles are usually picked up within 1-3 business days by a car hauler coordinated to fit your timing needs.
  • Expedited – Did you have a shipment fall through with another auto transportation provider? Do you simply need a fast pickup/delivery due to an unforeseen circumstance? Expedited shipping is the way to go. While it’s the most expensive of the three vehicle shipment options, your car can be picked up on the same or next day!

If you haven’t secured a free car shipping quote from us yet, head over to our car shipment cost calculator. Here you can check prices based on your scheduling needs and the going market rate for your particular vehicle shipping route.

Nexus Auto Transport never requires upfront payment. When scheduling your order online or via a chat with one of our transport agents at (224) 218-2949, you’ll just need a bit of basic information including the name of the person who will sign the car off at pickup and at delivery. Once you’ve provided this information, you pay just a $25 refundable deposit which will be subtracted from your over all car shipping cost.

In addition, please have the following details on hand to provide to your vehicle transport agent – the make and model of your vehicle, the year of your vehicle, the last 6 digits of its VIN number, and the address information for your pickup and drop-off locations.

As soon as your order’s in place, our auto transport service dispatchers will place your shipment with a trucker who can work within your schedule.

2. We’ll Pick Your Car Up. (Yes, It’s That Easy!)

Once your vehicle pickup has been scheduled, it only gets easier from there. You’ll receive both an email and a call from our dispatch team with the approximate date and time window for your car pickup.

Whether you’re at your job, your residence, or a local coffeehouse, our friendly truckers will work with you to pick your vehicle up at your convenience.

If your truck cannot complete your vehicle shipment pickup at the address you specify due to logistical or legal concerns, they may ask you to meet in an easily accessible parking lot nearby to load your vehicle onto their truck bed safely.

All you (or the person you appoint) have to do at this point is inspect the vehicle with your trucker, sign off on preexisting damages and other potential concerns on the Bill of Lading, grab a copy and call it good!

The auto transport process is that simple with Nexus Auto Transport, and it’s transparent as well! Once your car is in motion, you can track your vehicle easily through our website or contact your driver directly for details.

Your vehicle will be good hands. All drivers dispatched have current cargo insurance policies on their trucks and a positive overall score for their past auto shipments with us.

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your car will be safe and sound for its entire journey from pickup to drop-off. It’s how auto transportation works with us.

3. Receive Your Car & Get Back On The Road!

This is the part of the auto shipping process you’ve been waiting for. No one likes living without their favorite car or truck for too long. There’s too much to see and too much to do, and your vehicle is the gateway to all that awesomeness!

Receiving your car is just as easy as having it picked up! You or the person you’ve appointed will conduct an inspection with the trucker handling your order, ensuring no damages have been sustained during the vehicle shipping process.

You’ll sign a Bill of Lading, receive a copy, and your car will be back where it belongs – with you!

That’s it. We don’t contract through suspect auto transport brokers who work to maximize profits for companies at your expense. That’s not how auto transportation works with Nexus Auto Transport.

The auto transport process can be stressful for the uninitiated, especially if you’re just learning how auto transportation works. Leaving your beloved car or truck in the hands of someone you don’t know isn’t the most comfortable thing to do.

Rest assured, Nexus Auto Transport understands that. That’s why you are free to contact us via email or phone at any steps of your vehicle shipment process. Your driver will also provide a cell number to reach them in case of questions or slight changes in your drop-off location.