How I saved By Shipping My New BMW i3

February 19, 2018

The technicalities involved in buying a car range from one person to another. For some people, it is as easy as visiting a local car dealer, choosing the car you want and making the purchase. However, most often than not, finding a car of your preferences on the local shop can be very difficult, particularly if you want the rare models or specific cars. For instance, you might want to buy the BMW M235i or BMW i3 which might not be available at the local dealer. Similarly, you might want something simple, unique and fun to compliment your lifestyle in Chicago, but unfortunately, you cannot find it locally. Finding yourself in such situations can be very stressful, as you want something that is inaccessible to you. However, the good news is that your problem can be easily solved by contacting a reliable car shipping company.

Ship your favorite car from anywhere

It is an undeniable fact that finding a car that matches the exact specs you require in your local area can be a daunting task. In that case, you will have to expand your search out of your local area to get what you want. Often, cars shipped from other states are not only cheaper but more appealing. In my case, when I was searching for my dream car (BMW M235 i3), I failed to find it locally, which forced me to extend my search to cover other states. I was lucky to find the exact specifications of the car I was searching for at JMK BMW in New Jersey. However, the major challenge was how to get the car delivered safely to my home in Chicago. Instead of flying to Jersey and driving my car back, I decided to contact an auto transport company to do the shipping on my behalf.

I must confess that the idea was quite intimidating at first, as I have no idea how it will turn out. The fear of being conned is even worse if you are shipping exotic or luxurious brand. Because of that, I had to do comprehensive research to find a reputable car shipping company that offers insurance and can provide utmost care of my precious car.

Why auto transport company?

It is safe and easy to ship a new car when you find a dependable and established shipping company. Depending on your choice, your car can be transported in either enclosed or open carrier. Although the enclosed carrier is relatively expensive, it is safer if you want extra protection for your vehicle. That is not to say that open carriers are unsafe, but the difference is that the car is not protected from the elements like rain, sun, and dust. Although, it is the same case when you are driving it yourself on the highway. Open car transport is the most common as it is cheaper.

While doing my research on the best company to book for shipping my car, I landed on Montway Auto Transport based on the reputation of the company. The company started in 2006 and had grown to be among the top auto transport companies in the United States. Besides, they are rated A+ by Better Business Bureau coupled with a 5-star rating of over 150 customers on Google+.

Choosing a Reliable Company

As much as it is good to consider the cost of shipping while searching for a shipping company, ensure you do not make a mistake of choosing a carrier based on the price only. It is true, I paid handsomely for the shipping of my car, but the quality of shipping was worth it. The Montway is a fully licensed and insured auto transport company with vast connections of reliable carriers dedicated to delivering your vehicle. The company provides full insurance for your vehicle when being transported. Also, they have passionate customer care services that will respond to your worries any day of the week.

What I love about Montway Company is how they kept me informed from the time I booked for a carrier up to the time my car was delivered. The agents regularly called me to keep me updated with the current status of my order as well as the approximated time of arrival. When the car was picked up from the seller, I received an email notification stating order details as well as carrier information. It only took 48 hours for the car delivery from New Jersey to Chicago, and it was in perfect condition.

Save stress and money

I spent about $800 to have my i3 delivered to me from New Jersey. If in any case, I bought the car thousands of dollars cheaper as compared to when bought locally, then this proves to be a cheap way of purchasing a car. You will save even a lot of money if you ship a car from a state with no sales tax. Therefore, car shipping is a viable option that can save you money as well as stress as you will get the exact car you wanted safely delivered to you.