How much does it cost shipping a car state to state?

May 30, 2017

At the centre of auto transportation is the costs involved. Car owners are always keen when it comes to auto shipping prices. In the past years, many people have been made to believe that auto shipping is an expensive venture. Approaching auto transportation with that mentality can only result to one thing; overpaying for such services.

The truth is; no one wants to make a mistake, at least not when it is avoidable. That leads to the million-dollar question; what is the right price of shipping a car from one stage to the other. As much as you might want this to be a one-word question, it is never the case. Several factors go into auto shipping quotes. In the end, customers pay differently for car transportation based on these factors. So what are some of these factors?

Choice of auto Transport Company

It all starts with the car shipping company you have opted for. Not all car transport companies are the same. That is why they offer varying quotes. After an intensive homework, you will realize that many car transport companies have their auto shipping charges within certain acceptable ranges. Quotes that are either too low or too high are not worth considering.

Delivery time

How soon do you need your car? On average, auto transportation takes one and a half weeks or two. In some cases, it might extend to three weeks depending on weather conditions and routes used. For someone who is out to ship his car urgently, the option of waiting for three weeks might not viable. In such cases, it might be necessary exploiting the expedited express car-shipping option. With such an arrangement, you can have your car picked within 2 days and delivered soon enough depending on the distance involved. As every car owner would expect, such services come at advanced costs. You must be willing to spend an extra $600 or more.

Weight of the vehicle

It is important to acknowledge that auto careers must meet strict weight regulations. They can only carry up to a certain limit if load. For vehicles that weigh more, the number that can be shipped within a single career is limited. That is why heavier vehicles cost more to ship compared to Sedans. You might want to shun off the idea of having extra luggage on your vehicle when shipping because it will only increase the quotes.

Some average costs

As noted earlier, the rates vary depending on several factors. For a car owner transporting his vehicle to Florida, you should expect to use $750. Shipping a vehicle from Houston to Chicago costs an average of $700. On the other hand, it costs an average fee of $1200 to transport your vehicle from Boston to California. For vehicles that are inoperable, these rates might go higher, up to $200 more. As you might have realised, shipping your vehicle from one city or state to the other need to be expensive. Simply carry out your research and settle on the best deals.