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How much is it to ship a car?

February 1, 2017

For someone planning to move his vehicle across country, you are probably wondering how much the entire thing is going to cost you. It might be so nice quoting a specific figure for such a service, but it isn’t just applicable. In the auto shipping industry, several variables influence the cost of shipping a car from one point to the other. For a vehicle owner with all the necessary details at hand, it might be easier knowing how much the auto transportation process will cost you. So how exactly does this work? Which aspects influence the costs of shipping a car across country?

The Mileage

It seems to be the most obvious factor. Apparently, it also happens to be the one influencing auto shipping costs the most. Someone shipping his car across the city will necessarily pay less than his counterpart shipping the same vehicle across the country. If the shipping involves thousands of miles, you will pay more. However, the cost per mileage is likely to reduce with increase in distance covered. Notably, there are minimum amounts for shipping vehicles within certain areas. As such, the difference might not be so significant for someone who ships his vehicle 10 miles and another one doing 50 miles.

The Route use

Routes used by car transportation companies vary. While some of them are easily accessible, others are hard to navigate through, especially those in the remote areas. Certain routes are also associated with poor conditions during certain times of the year. It requires the intervention of drivers with a certain level of experience to deliver the vehicles to the required destination. If the driver has to deviate a far distance to either pick the vehicle or drop it off, you are likely to pay even more for the services. At the end of the day, you should be keen in ensuring the pickup and drop off locations are readily accessible. You will end up using less money in the transportation process.

Condition of the car

This might not necessarily refer to the outward appearance of the car. Instead, it refers to the inner workings of the vehicle. Transporting a non-operational vehicle over a long distance is considered costly. For cars that are not running, special equipment will be required to load them into the trailer. Extra equipment means additional money, so the vehicle owner will have to bear the cost at the end of the day. If possible, you can repair your car and have it in good condition prior to shipping it. It will save you unnecessary inconvenience and even money.

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