How Much To Ship A Car Across Country

Ship Car Across Country 


Shipping a car is a major operation. Most people get involved in the process of transporting their autos for the first time. With so much to consider and many things to worry about, they end up getting confused and going for the wrong choices of auto transport company. No one wants to be a victim of such. As such, it is fair enough to take critical considerations before and during the car shipping process.

ship a car cross country

What is the cost of shipping a car across country?


It remains one of the top questions that often rises when it comes to auto shipping. Everyone wants to have an idea of how much he will pay for auto transportation services. For those who have been in this industry long enough, it is evident that a one-word answer is not applicable to this question. The appropriate answer, therefore, becomes ‘it depends on.’ The accurate auto-shipping price depends on several factors. From distance to vehicle model and even season, several factors go into auto car transport quotes. In the demand, market conditions such as supply and demand have also had a major influence in the in the ultimate price.

Get Accurate Car Shipping Quotes

Ideal auto shipping requires planning and preparation. This eases the process and reduces the unnecessary stress associated with most of the auto shipping procedures. One of the best pre-shipping procedures worth carrying out is getting quotes from car shipping company. In the past, many customers have fallen into the traps of ‘cheap quotes’ only to pay highly at the end of the services. To be on the safer side, you need to get the accurate quotes from more than two individual companies before making up your mind. At Nexus Auto Transport, we offer a reliable system that gives instant, accurate quotes to all our customers.

Get Car Shipping Quotes Now

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To have the quotes, you will only need to provide specific details of the shipping including the distance involved. We will handle the rest! You will only pay for what you have seen in the quotes, no additional charges. The good news is; we do not need your personal details in order to process the quotes. Our system provides anonymous quotes to all our customers.

As noted earlier, the ultimate accurate auto shipping quotes depend on several factors. So what are some of the factors that go into auto shipping quote?

Type of Vehicle

Large size vehicles occupy more space and are heavier. As expected, such vehicles cost more to ship as compared to the smaller cars. For every auto carrier, a strict weight policy must be observed. Larger and heavier vehicle limit the number of cars that can be carried within one auto carrier shipment. Eventually, you will get varying quotes depending on the size and model of your car.

Auto Carrier Choice

You have several options to choose from when it comes to car transportation. Open carrier auto shipping is the standard car transportation method. In this method, cars are arranged in vertical and horizontal stacks before being transported in open carriers. This option is more affordable and hence preferred by many people, especially those transporting several standard cars. The other option is enclosed car shipping. It is more costly because it includes advanced security measures. Owing to the increased quotes, it is preferable for transporting sports cars, luxury vehicles, and other antique automobiles. It is worth noting that enclosed carrier auto transport is not readily available as an open carrier. As such, you might need to wait for a bit longer before your vehicle is picked up.

The distance involved

To date, it remains one of the key deterministic factors affecting the cost of auto transportation. For instance, someone shipping a car from Los Angeles to New York will pay differently from one shipping his car from the same place to Naples in Florida. On average, transporting a small sedan from Boston to South Pasadena cost $1329. That is different from the cost of $789 involving transportation from Baltimore, MD to Houston in Texas. Ordinarily, the longer the distance involved, the more you will pay for auto transportation. However, clients end up paying low costs per mile for longer distances as compared to shorter shipping distances.

Pick-Up and Delivery Points

The pick-up and delivery points also have a greater role in auto shipping quote. Auto transportation involving poorly accessible areas is more challenging and is likely to attract greater shipping quotes. Fewer auto carriers are willing to traverse the rural areas juts to deliver one car. On the other hand, truckers find it more convenient dealing with pick-up and delivery points involving towns and major metropolitan cities. The proximity to major highways affects the ultimate quotes. Whenever possible, you should choose economical routes that will ensure you save money during auto transportation. Choose locations that are convenient to both you and the trucker without breaking your budget.

Condition of the vehicle

Is your vehicle moving or unable to run? For those transporting cars that are not running, you are likely to pay more for car shipping services. For non-running cars, Nexus Auto Transport experts will require additional equipment to winch the car into the trailer. In most cases, a truck is needed to help with the winching process. The extra work, which calls for extra equipment means paying more for the services rendered. In certain cases, certain equipment such as a forklift might be necessary. The customer will have to pay additional money for the increased cost of transporting the vehicle.

Supply and demand

You need to understand that the markets also influence the auto shipping quotes. In cases where there are higher demands of auto transportation services, there is a scarcity of auto transport carriers. Customers will have to wait longer for the vehicles to be picked or use more money to have their cars picked and delivered sooner. If you understand the supply and demand fluctuations evident in the market, one will be able to adjust their auto transportation budgets accordingly.

The Route

In many cases, the route used also affects the auto shipping quotes. Certain routes are less accessible and therefore require special drivers to navigate through. It becomes even worse during certain seasons when the roads within that route are not in good condition or covered in snow. The same difficulties also arise in cases where less used routes are involved. The drivers might not be used to such routes, therefore, picking your car from a certain point might prove to be a challenge. In the end, the customer will have to pay for the extra costs incurred in the entire process. At Nexus Auto Transport, we always ensure that our customers have access to fair pricing and competitive rates regardless of the shipping procedures.

To reduce the possible auto transportations costs, it is advisable to offer the driver alternative pickup and delivery points involving commonly used routes. You might end up saving incredible amounts of money!

Special Considerations

Depending on the kind of shipment, other factors might also influence auto-shipping prices. How soon do you need your car? For those who want their cars to be delivered within the shortest time possible, there lies the option of using expedited auto transport services. At Nexus Auto Transport, we offer express expedite auto transport services at amazing rates so you wouldn’t have to worry about extraordinary charges.

Yet again, the issue of door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal also influences auto transport pricing. The standard auto shipping is door-to-door, but the latter can be used in cases where the drop off point is inaccessible. As opposed to the popular belief, terminal-to-terminal is costly in the long run because it involves storages fees. One will also need to travel to the terminal to pick his car. This further adds the overall cost of shipping. For customers who require top load services for their vehicles, it might mean paying more. This involves the vehicle loaded on the top deck of the trailer. Consequently, there will be lesser interference and fewer chances of leaks from other vehicles.

How long should shipping a car across country take?


The time taken to have your car delivered at your preferred delivery point varies depending on several factors. Ideally, the entire period can be separated into two; the pick-up time and the transit time. The pick-up time refers to the period before which the preferred company takes your car after confirming the auto transport details. This depends on several factors including the availability of trailers. It might take between four to seven days. For expedited auto transportation, the same can be facilitated within two days or less. The transit time, on the other hand, depends on the route used and the distance involved. For an auto transportation covering several miles, you should expect your vehicle to arrive later. Worth noting, the delivery location is also a factor affecting the auto shipping time. For those in remote areas, it will take a longer time to have the cars delivered to your doorstep due to accessibility issues. Other possible considerations include seasonal fluctuations and weather conditions. You are likely to wait longer to have your car delivered during the winter season.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we save the customers the guesswork of figuring out the number of days it will take to have their cars delivered at their doorsteps. The shipping duration is simply included in the quote. From the cost calculator, you will not only get the exact amount you need to pay but also the number of days the entire shipping process will take. Even better, you can track the shipping progress throughout the period. With the help of our able customer service team, you will be able to know where your car is. We believe in transparency and convenience to ensure our customers have access to the best quotes. You can, therefore, sit back, relax, and wait for your car to be dropped off right outside your home!

Choosing the best Auto shipping Company


The auto shipping company you hire out not only influences the ultimate shipping cost but also have an effect on the services received. As such, the last thing you probably want to do is to go for a poor choice of car Transportation Company. It is in your best interest to take necessary precautions while choosing the auto shipping company. Everyone wants affordable services, but cost alone should not be the only deterministic factor in choosing a car transport company. You have all the reasons of finding the right cross-country car shipper. To be able to land on the perfect choice of car shipping company, you need to have a checklist including:

Reputation: What are the past customers saying about your choice of auto shipping company? You wouldn’t want to engage a car transport company with several scandals, you can trust me on that. Your choice of auto shipping company should have a successive run of unmatchable reputation. You can take advantage of review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp to check customer reviews. You can also confirm the credibility of individual companies using at sites like BBB and the American Moving and Storage Association. Even more, you can pass through the ratings at USDOT. At Nexus Auto Transport, have an unwavering reputation; thanks to our unbeatable record of excellent services for more than ten years.

Licensing: It is so easy to assume that all auto transportation companies are fully Most people tend to make serious assumptions when it comes to auto transportation. The perfect company is one with due registration.

Customer service: How involved will the company be during the auto shipping process? You need to know what the company will do in case the transportation doesn’t take place as seamlessly as it was planned. Several issues can arise during an auto shipping process, and only the best customer care services can guarantee you best outcome. Right from the first call, you should assess the suitability of the customer support If they have issues addressing your challenges, the company might not be good when it comes to handling your car. You deserve the best customer care support during auto transportation, and you can only get that from the best car shipping experts.

Insurance Coverage: What happens in the case of an insurance claim? How is the company likely to handle it? Most people tend to assume that all insurance companies cover their vehicle while on transit. While some companies offer cargo insurance to cover vehicles being transported, it is not a requirement. Consequently, certain companies do not have insurance covers while others are simply underinsured. Before striking any deal with an auto shipping company, you might want to delve deeper into their insurance coverage. How did they settle the past insurance claims? It is important to confirm that the company is perfect for processing insurance claims in cases of any. Nevertheless, it is important to have your own car insurance arrangement besides the one offered by the company. This takes care of the exclusions that might be evident in the cargo insurance package offered by the company in charge.

Do your homework: The bottom line is that you need to carry out an extensive research before engaging any auto transportation company. It is better to invest quality time searching for the ideal car transportation company rather than crying in regrets after the shipping process

Additional Tips

In addition to the mentioned strategies, you need to have in mind certain ideas that will ensure a perfect choice of the auto shipping company. For one, you need to check with the Department of Transportation if the company you are involving is licensed. You also need to get feedback and verifications from at least one person who has previously used their services. It is always said that an auto transportation company is as good as their last services. If the previous customers liked the whole process, there are all indications that you will enjoy the entire car transportation process.

Scheduling Auto Transportation

How soon do you need to schedule your car for auto transportation?

Although many transport companies are capable of handling short notice transportation needs, it is advisable to make an earlier arrangement. Booking in advance is particularly important during the high seasons when people need their cars delivered. With prior arrangements, you will have your car delivered at the right time. You will also be able to avoid the hustles and buzzles associated with speedy processing of the auto transportation process. Even more, you will have ample time to prepare for the car transportation process without forgetting essential details.

Nexus Auto Transport encourages clients to schedule their bookings a week prior to the shipping date. If possible, you can also do that two or three weeks before. This gives more time for the company to organize the transportation needs and allocate the best carrier for your vehicle. The good news is; you will end up saving more money when you carry out a pre-scheduling process. You deserve the best auto shipping services; smooth and secure. It all starts with the scheduling process. Whether it is summer or winter, you need to make advance scheduling to get better services and stand chances of using less transportation cost.

Preparing your vehicle for auto shipping

Looking for the best car shipping quotes might not be the only duty involve in auto transportation.

You also have safety concerns to worry about. As the vehicle owner, you must ensure that the auto shipping process is flawless. It all starts with auto shipping preparation. How organized are you? At Nexus Auto Transport, our expertise advice client to have certain critical considerations while preparing their vehicles for pickup.

For one, it is important checking the gas level of the fuel tank. Preferably, it should be a quarter way or less. This reduces possible leakages that might threaten the security of the entire shipment. Even more, it also reduces the weight of the car. In the end, you will use less money on auto shipping. It is also advisable to remove everything from the car, including the trunk before handing over the car at the pickup point. Auto transportation companies do not provide covers for luggage contained in vehicles during auto shipping, so it is not worth the risk. Most importantly, it makes the transportation process more convenient for the trucker.

You need to inspect your car, thoroughly, before pickup. Before signing the bill of lading, ensure that all the descriptions contained therein match your car. If possible, take pictures of your car and assess all the necessary details. Lastly, you need to go soft on your luxury cars. Simply opt for enclosed car shipping services instead of the open carrier method. It will save you unnecessary safety worries.

Cheap is expensive

With all said, you need to remember one thing. The lowest auto shipping quotes are not necessarily. You might want to save money during the car shipping process, but that should not come at the expense of quality service delivery. You need the best car shipping services. That might not come at cheaper rates. Just like in other industries, the golden rule also applies when it comes to auto shipping: you only get what you pay for. Lower shipping quotes might mean poor services or even delays in the vehicle. Why would you pay money just to have your car delivered with dents on it? Look for great deals but never settle on a car transport company simply because they are cheap. You might end up regretting the entire thing!


Remember to take your time and study different car shipping companies before settling on your choice. At Nexus Auto Transport, we have a supportive customer care team so you can always make inquiries the seamless way. We believe in smooth and secure auto transportation services. Even more, we believe in offering the best services to our customers. Our past record of accomplishment says it all so you can always trust us not to let you down.