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How Much To Ship A Car in USA

March 10, 2017

What is the cost of transporting car from state to state? Many people do not ship their cars more often to become pros in the car shipping industry. That is why for many clients who transport their vehicles from one point to the other, the question of cost often arises. For those who have stayed in the field long enough, it is apparent that this figure largely varies depending on several factors. While certain factors influencing the costs fluctuate, others are constant.

What the distance involved?

The distance between the pick-up and delivery points greatly influence the level of payments one will make to have his car shipped. The longer the mileage covered, the more you will be likely to pay. However, it is worth observing that minimum auto shipping charges apply so clients are shipping their vehicles within a close range of distance might as well pay similar amounts, assuming all other factors are constant.

How soon do you need the vehicle?

The shipping duration also counts when it comes to auto transport charges. It is advisable to book your vehicle two weeks prior to allow for processing smooth transportation. Upon placement of orders, it takes Nexus Auto transport up to four days or more to pick your car. Thereafter, the delivery time depends on the distance involved. For those who cannot wait to have their cars within a shorter period, there is always that option of going for express expedited services. This alternative gives the client the opportunity of receiving his car earlier than normal. With this service, the pickup can be scheduled within two days or less. As expected, such services cost more. You will have to dig deeper into your pocket to access expedited express auto transport services. Nevertheless, it is worth it for those who are constrained by time.

Which vehicle are you shipping?

It costs more to ship larger vehicles like trucks as compared to sedans and compacts. If you are transporting an SUV, you will pay more to have your vehicles transported compared to someone shipping his small salon car. Larger vehicles way more and take greater spaces. At times, features associated with certain vehicles like oversized tired might also contribute to the final shipping costs.

Fuel Prices

Fuel costs vary from region to region. Although one might not notice the cross relation of fuel prices with an individual shipment of cars, this is a great variable when it comes to auto transportation quotes. The lower the fuel prices, the less you will be charged for shipping your car from one part of the country to the other.

What is the condition of the vehicle?

For inoperable vehicles, owner ends up paying more to have them shipped to respective destinations. Inoperable vehicles require special equipment to lift them into the trailers and even offload them at delivery points. The inclusion of additional equipment like tow truck means more money. The vehicle owner ends up bearing the associated costs. For someone who is transporting his vehicle, it will be in your best interest to resolve any issues with your vehicle before shipping it. If it is a slight problem that can be fixed easily, seeking professional services is recommended. Otherwise, you will pay extra for the services rendered.

Do you have special interests?

While the shipping methods might be standard, there are minimal variations to take care of special interests. For instance, there are vehicle owners who might want their cars to be top loaded. Top loading decreases the possibilities of a vehicle being affected by common damages during transportation. Such cars are less likely to get damaged because of leakages from other vehicles. If you request such services, you will pay slightly more to cover the additional services.

Yet again, some vehicles do not consider the insurance covers provided by car shipping companies. For such people, it is possible to take better measures. Increased coverage will cost you more. However, you will be certain of a safer position in case of anything. For most companies, the insurance coverage stands at $1,000,000 per loan, and it only covers certain damages.

Enclosed or open carrier transportation?

The standard method of shipping vehicle from one place to the other within the country is open carrier method. It is more affordable and allows cars to be stacked up in rows and columns, arranged in a line, and transported in open trailers. Although the vehicles are not protected from certain elements of damage like snow, the method is relatively. For those who feel this is not a nice deal, you can choose enclosed car transportation. It comes with better security and safety measures. You will need to extend your budget to accommodate such plans.Most people prefer such services only when transporting classic cars and luxurious vehicles.


The auto transport route used also has an effect on the eventual shipping charges. Certain routes that are not heavily traveled attract higher charges. Similarly, routes involving less accessible areas often come with higher quotes. For routes that are of the main way, the driver will take longer time deviating and getting back to the main road. The common routes, on the other hand, attract standard charges because of the minimal complexities involved.

Door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal services?

Most people assume that terminal-to-terminal auto transport services are less costly. That’s not true. Terminal-terminal are associated with terminal storage fees which can get so high when the vehicle stays for long at the terminal yard. If the terminals are far from you, it is even worse because you might spend more on travel costs before picking your car. At Nexus Auto Transport, we offer seamless door-to-door services. Regardless of the size of your car or the distance involved, we can ensure the vehicle is delivered right outside your gate. For those in need of affordable terminal-to-terminal services, you can trust us to deliver the best services.

Reduce the shipping costs

Transporting a vehicle state to state can be costly for someone doing it for the first time. Without proper connections and good deals, you can end up spending so much money on auto transportation. It doesn’t have to be so. Those who have stayed in the auto transport industry for long know very well that it is possible to save money during car transportation. So what should you have in mind?

Get Accurate Quotes

Are you shipping your car from one state to the other? Getting multiple quotes from different auto shipping companies is an ideal strategy for saving money during auto shipping. Different companies offer varying quotes. You can never have an idea of this unless you request quotes from different auto shipping companies. At Nexus Auto Transport, it takes less than two minutes to obtain the quotes. The figures are accurate. Even more, you do not need to divulge personal details in order to access these quotes. Do you need Anonymous quotes? Nexus Auto Transport is where to get them.

After getting the quotes, you need to make critical comparisons. What does one company offer that the one doesn’t? Why are there differences in the quotes? Finding answers to such questions will be important in making the final decisions.

Look for hidden charges

First-time quotes can be so alluring. In the past, many people have ended up using so much money transporting their cars due to misleading quotes. Before settling down on any shipping charges, you need to be certain that the company involved is honest and transparent. You do not want to commit to a shipping company that is not honest enough to be clear on the quotes. Insist one ensuring the quote provided is all-inclusive, including insurance covers. Otherwise, you might be caught off-guard, paying extra money you did not intend to.

Plan Ahead

When do you need your car? What budget have you set aside for auto transportation? If you do not have any specific plan, you will end up settling down for anything. Having a detailed plan not ensure you save money but also guarantees better services. Who doesn’t want his car to be shipped by pros? Everyone does. However, not every client does everything possible to ensure he lands on attractive deals. It is always good to take advantage of people who have shipped their cars to help you with planning. From such arrangements, you will be able to know the pitfalls to avoid and the safest and most affordable options for shipping your car.

Choose Affordable Plans

For some auto shipping services, you need more money. When shipping standard vehicles, you can take advantage of open carrier auto transport and save yourself the unnecessary stress of extra costs. This option is relatively safe for average cars. Your car will be arranged in a secure way and transported to the required destination.

If you are shipping a classic car, however, it is worth sacrificing the extra amount and have your car shipped in a secure environment. This way, you will not have to worry about possible losses that might result from weather elements.

Read Reviews

An auto shipping company is as good as the last services it offered. What do other clients say about them regarding charges? Are most people contented with their pricing? Are the fond of raising quotes unnecessarily? Are they transparent? Such information can easily be obtained from review sites. With so many places to refer, you can never be short of information. It is possible to take advantage of sites like Yelp and Angie’s list. Although not all the reviews might reflect the truth, it will give you a hint of what to expect. A company that is fond of ripping their clients should not be anywhere in your list.

Check condition of car

It takes more to ship a car that is not operable than one which can easily be driven. Whenever possible, you should take your car for checking prior to shipping. If it has slight problems, it can be fixed quickly. It might end up saving you a fortune during auto shipping. Closely related to this is the fact that you should remove anything from the vehicle prior to transportation. Leaving any luggage at the car’s trunk is not permissible. It also increases the weight of the car, eventually affecting the shipping costs. At Nexus Auto Transport, we also advise our clients to ensure the gas tank is a quarter way. Anything above that will not only increase the shipping costs but also put to the threat the safety of your car and that of others within the same trailer.

Choose the best company

You are likely to get better services at affordable rates when you involve the best car shipping company. However, such companies do not come on a silver Plata. You need to look for them. That makes a selection of an ideal car shipping company such a critical process. While doing so, you should be careful enough to consider other factors besides charges. For instance, customer relations should be on top of your list. Is the company properly insured? Is it licensed? Do they have enough experience and resources to handle your auto transportation needs? Only after getting answers for such questions should you commit to a given shipping company.

Nothing but the best

The best kind of shipping experience is one that leaves the customer satisfied. It is the kind of auto transport you feel so proud talking about.Even more, it should focus on ensuring the vehicle is in good condition upon delivery. At Nexus Auto Transport, we offer nothing short of that. We have highly trained drivers and customer relation experts with more than twenty years of experience in the auto shipping industry. We have seasoned drivers who are conversant with various routes. If you need it fast, we can get the job done without the slightest hitches. Do you have any questions regarding auto transportation quotes? You can get in touch with us. Feel free to give us a call or even mail us. Our team will be there to offer great assistance.

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