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How to ship a car from New York to Florida

December 26, 2017

New York, the Empire State is home to many Ivy League Universities and is famous for the Statue of Liberty. It is a free society where businesses thrive and grow, and people of all backgrounds mingle, gather, and simply do business with each other. It is also a nice area to live in as someone can see the Empire State Building from a distance.

Florida, on the other hand, is known as the Sunshine State. It is rightfully named that because of all the nice weather it has, unlike New York which tends to suffer from bitter winters. Florida is located near the coast, and one can experience all those warm wind currents.However, one might ask why would one move from New York to Florida. There are a variety of reasons whether it be for education, moving in with a friend, a loved one, or anyone else.

The moment one tries to drive from New York to Florida, it is an arduous task, and it is around a 16 to 17-hour drive. This is not wise since it increases the wear and tear of one’s car. In addition, another factor to consider is that Florida is located near the coast, so it is a better idea to ship it instead.

Winter can be a difficult time of year, and it makes more difficult for the consumer to decide on what company they should choose. It takes time to research and find a reputable company since there are aspects such as price, quotes, reliability, delivery time, and a variety of other factors.

Fortunately, with today’s technology, it is easier to do research than back then. Back then, it would have painstakingly take a while to track reputation. Now with a click of a button, one can use their favorite search engine to search up an auto transport or an auto shipping company.

However, it is recommended that a person should look at their local phone directory, whether it be by paper or online, whatever their preference. It will narrow down their search and help save time. It is recommended to make a list to quotes from the different auto transport or auto shipping companies so one can make a comparison.

Looking at a few reviews from a few databases on the internet helps too. Consulting professionals in the industry help greatly too and asking for recommendations from friends works as well. Through a mixture of methods, the customer from New York can finally make an informed decision. Once they select the preferred company (we will fight for it!), everything is set.

We at Nexus Auto strive to offer the best customer service and the best of prices to our customers. We aim to please and take the aforementioned factors into consideration, we are not only an auto transport company, but we are also an auto shipping company too! Our employees will work to their utmost effort to deliver the best quality service.

We understand not everyone in the Empire State are in the same financial situation, thus that is why we have tiered plans geared towards your needs. For instance, look at our economic plan, you still receive quality service at an affordable price. For customers who wish to spend more money, you can look at our more expensive plans.

Aside from that, when preparing to send a car to us, one must remember to clean and wash the car, so they inspect for any damage or scuffs and a few other things. Remember to cover the car too and remove any personal belongings as it is an absolute no-no. They also add more to the weight of the car, and that makes transporting a car more expensive than necessary. So, please remember to remove them and do not fill your gas tank as it also contributes to the weight of the vehicle.

Once those steps are clear, our drivers will be prepared to pick up the car. Since we are a door-to-door service, we will arrive near your home as well. That makes it twice as hearty for it demonstrates our commitment to customer service. A great customer always asks about the status of their vehicle, we have an online tracker which can easily assist in the process. Once we reach our new destination, our drivers will contact you and do some paperwork. The vehicle owners should immediately register with the nearest Floridan DMV office. After that, the customer should enjoy what Florida as to offer.