How To Ship A Car On Every Budget

February 26, 2017

You found a perfect car but it is six states away from you. Do not worry; there are ways to ship your new car from one state to another and to do it with a reasonable budget.

There are various ways of car shipping possibilities for every budget, and everyone is individual.


Your options for car shipment are:

  1. Hire a professional car shipping company
  2. Hire someone to drive your car to your destination
  3. Go to the car destination and drive the car to your destination yourself


  1. Hire a professional car shipping company

Most commonly used and the safest way to ship your car from one destination to another is to hire a professional car shipping company.

This is an especially good option for car shipment from one state to another, like car shipment from New York to California,  that would take you more than a week to do it yourself.

Car shipping company will handle everything for you. They have the experience, the right equipment, and skilled staff to do this job the best way for you. If some unexpected issues occur, they will deal with that too.

If you find a car shipping company that has a good reputation for their quality work and they are willing to give you discount and insurance plan, you found the best company you could find. It is very important to make this process with as low stress possible, and when you know you have coverage for any damages that can occur during shipping, you can have your peace of mind. Some companies have 48 hours damage coverage after the car delivery.

If you are a member of the police, military or emergency services, you should do a good research because there are car shipping companies that give special price discount for this group of customers.


Compare the services


If you want to compare services and prices for car shipping from more companies, there are some web sited that will allow you just that, so make a good research, be sure what you are looking for, and start your search with quick quotes from more than 10 companies.

You have to choose between open and enclosed shipping, how to prepare your car for shipping, what kind of insurance you will get etc.


Once you have some general information you have some general information, you can narrow your choice, you can talk to their operators and get some more information, or you can talk about price discount or something else you really want to know.

Also, it is important to find some basic things about the car shipping company you are considering to hire and to read customers reviews if you can fins some, or to research on a blog. It is very important to find a company with a good reputation and high-quality services.


  1. Hire someone to drive your car to your destination

If you had too many costs and you can not afford to hire car shipping company you may save some money by hiring someone to drive your car for you, to your chosen destination. There are some people who could drive your car for you. Still, you should be conscious that there are people who are real professionals and people who just claim they are professionals. You have to make sure you choose the right person for this job. If you can get a recommendation from persons you know, so you are sure you will not make the wrong choice.

This way of car shipping can be much faster and cheaper than hiring car shipping services.

If you do a good research, you may be able to find people that will drive your car for free because maybe there are people who want to travel or do some research and they could do using your car. New Your to California car drive can be interesting. Some people want to do researchers but do not have money to rent a car, so they would be more than happy to drive your car for you. Still, you have to choose carefully.

If you want to be 100% sure you will get best car transfer, you should hire a professional driver.

Regardless of the fact that you will hire a professional driver or some other person, you must have a written contract that will have all the details of responsibilities of both parties, car insurance details, drivers insurance and all other things considering your agreement. This agreement should also contain things regarding the eventual car damage, mechanical failer and other things like this.

If you have to decide between more persons it is good to check references if they have any, so you make sure you choose the best person that is reliable and trustworthy.

One more thing, we would not recommend car shipping this way for expensive or luxury cars. There are always things you can not predict, so it is much safer to let professional car shipping company do this job.


What is driveaway service?

If you did the research and decided you would like to hire a person to do car shipping for you, abut you would like to have some more security, and you really do not want to bother to find the right person for the job, there are companies that offer Driveaway services.

A driveaway service will find the best driver for you who will drive your car from New York to California, for instance, and they will take care of all the things regarding providing this services for you.

There are so many things you should know when you need to hire a right person to drive your car. It is not a regular car drive, but the one that takes almost a week, driving almost 3000 miles.

Driveaway companies have skills to choose the right person for each job, in particular, so the job will be done the best possible way, driving your car safe from one point to another. They have special criteria to choose the right persons for each trip. The client will make requirements about the car shipping and the type of driver they would prefer, and the driveaway company will choose the right person with right skills for the job. In the end, you may get two offers of potential drivers and the final choice will be yours. Usually, they will offer one professional driver and one driver that is mature but has experience in this type of work. The professional driver will be more expensive, so the customer has the final word in drivers choice.

If you are looking for driveaway company, you should choose the one who has the best Liability insurance. It is the kind of insurance that covers the car during its transportation. You should look into this before you hire any company and this is the thing that will be something that will make a big difference between two companies. For sure you would like to choose the company that has the better coverage. For sure, if you choose to hire a professional driver you will get better coverage in case of any potential accidents that may happen on the road while your car is transported.

Despite the way you choose to ship your car, it is always good to give a drive signed the letter where you will describe the services you expect to get, a route you want them to take, and you should always leave your contact phone number in case of any emergency.


  1. Go to the car destination and drive the car to your destination yourself

If you decide you want to go and pick up your car and drive it yourself from New York to California, it is not the most practical option, but it is the cheapest one, and if you have imagination and ideas, you can make it a lot of fun.

You can make ti a nice trip with your loved one, or a sightseen trip when you can visit some places you would never visit some other way. The best thing is to plan your trip ahead but if you are the adventurous person, buy a plane ticket, go to New York, give yourself some time to see the city and then just jump into your car and hit the road. While you drive your way to California, just listen to your instincts and choose the road that you think you will enjoy the most, stop whenever you feel like it and whenever you feel like it.

It will take you some time, and you can get tired and restless, but you just have to rest and move on when you are ready. For sure, you are the most reliable person to drive your own car because no one can take care of it like you can.


How to make a smart choice?


When we talk about car shipping we talk about many things, and there are many things to consider, and the good price is one of them for sure.

Still, the price should not be the main thing you will make your opinion on because some company can offer you the very low price, but its services can be low quality too.

There are many companies on the market, and you really have a variety to choose from. You just have to know your priorities and to look for the things you want to.

You want to choose a company that will offer you guaranteed professional car shipment service that will be of high quality and acceptable price.

There are customer reviews you should read and forums or blogs you should consult too and there you can find many useful pieces of information.

We already know that price depend on many things and one of them is shipment destination. Price is not the same if you ship your car from New York to California, but you go to Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco or San Diego.  The price is different for every city, but they usually go from 1000$ to 1500$.

Prices will depend on car shipping method, the type of car you have, the time of the year the shipment will take place, etc.

Furthermore, customers can have different requests that can have the effect on car shipping price.

Because of many elements that affect the price, customers should always talk to managers of the company they consider to hire. You can get all information you need to make a right choice, and also maybe you can get the nice discount.

Before you make the final decision, ask for all services included in the price, so you will be sure you will not have any other additional costs considering your car shipment from New York to California.

If you choose the right company, you will have your peace of mind while your car is shipped from New York to California, on the best money value.


How does car shipping work?

There are many things to consider before you make the final decision, but once you do, car shipping from New York to California is really not complicated at all. Once you established what you want, what kind of services the company will provide for you, you can start with the car shipping process.

If you chose a professional, you will not have anything more to think about. The company will pick up your car on the place where you agreed on, and the car will be shipped to you on your destination. The car will be shipped to you undamaged and with high-quality service.


There are many companies that have an everyday route from New York to California, and they do this work with no effort and very professionally. This really provides you freedom to choose and be picky and demanding in your requests when you want to move your car from New York to California.

Regardless if you are moving from one state to another, or you just need to ship a car you bought in New York, for sure you have many other things on your mind, and if you give this work to professional, you will have one headache less.


We should have on our mind that every person is different. We all have different needs and demands, some things are more important for one person, and for another person, that same thing will be insignificant. That is why car shipping companies managers try to find a way to meet their customer’s needs and requests and to give best quality services at the same time, with the best price possible.


Whatever you do, try to find best money value for your money, relax and enjoy until your car is delivered to your doorway, and then just hit the road.


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