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How To Ship A Car To Another State

February 20, 2017

Once you realize that you need a car shipment you find yourself in an unknown field of car shipment providers, and you are not sure which way to go.

The Internet is loaded with fancy websites of brokers who dominate the industry, but you should have on your mind that there are many small companies that do not have adequate marketing resources or knowledge to approach their customers in this modern way, but they provide really good services.


When you start your online research, you should be aware that most of the time you will get offers from brokers that can be up to even 25% under the usual cost of the service. We all try to find ways to save money and you may be tempted by this offer but you should know that when you are looking for car transfer company, the price should not be the main thing that will determine your choice. There are many providers with a bad reputation and with bad work performances, but when you purchase your services by a broker, you may not be aware of it.


There are ways to get the cheaper fee for car transport service and still to get a quality one. You should do a good research because the cost of the service can be related to the thing you may be able to adjust in a way that you get the lower price. For example, the price will depend on when you want your car to be picked up. So, if you can adjust your timing, you can save some money without a lot of effort.

An evaluation on car shipping from New York City to Los Angeles can be based on time of year too, but it goes around $1250 if you can tolerate a 10 day transition time.


Affordable Car Shipment


If you wonder what is the cheapest way to ship a car, you must know that it depends on the type of transportation you would have to use accordingly to the specifications of your car. As we mentioned earlier, something can look cheaper at first, but you may pay later in the cause of some problems, so you should look into it too.

Open transportation is always cheaper because there are many operators on the road and they can carry any car, but enclosed transport is a better choice if you can afford it because it protects your car. For the more expensive or rare car, this can be the cheaper way of transportation in the end, because you are sure your car will not be damaged in any way.

If you want to transport a car that you will drive every day, then an open shipment is the right option for you because your car will be exposed to many things every day anyway. So, the method of transportation is really only your choice, and you are the one that has do decide what is best one for your car.


Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipment

This is the most affordable way to ship a car regardless of the way you look at it. If the money is tight, this can be an affordable way to ship your car, but it is not highly recommended. Although most cities have terminals where you can shop from, or pick up your car, it is not the most secure way. You would have to leave the car at the terminal and out of your site for some time because it can take a while to ship your car from one place to another.



Door-To-Door Car Shipment

The most commonly used way of affordable car shipment in the vehicle industry today is a door to door car shipment on the open transport truck type of shipment. This type of cheap car shipment is recommended for the cars you will drive every day. This is the most affordable way to ship your car, and it is secure too, but you should have on your mind that it is open transport.


When you are doing an online search for the door to door or terminal to terminal car shipment, you make sure the company you consider is adequately licensed and secure. Also, make sure to ask for the endurance of the transport. This is very important things to consider when you are looking for the best company to handle your car shipment, and you want to be in good hands.

Shipping A Car From New York To California


If you have to consider car shipment from NY to CA or via verse, you are talking about long distance trip that may take a week. You would have to take a trip of 2.800 miles approximately, and if you are not ready for such an adventure, you should consider car shipment by hiring an auto transport company that will provide this service without any a headache for you. You will have to pay for your peace of mind, but remember, some things may seem expensive, but when you think about them more thorough, they are really cheap.


You really have only two options when you consider car shipment from New York to California. You can drive the car for yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

If you are an adventurer type, you are a good driver, and you are sure you can make this trip, the cheapest way of car shipment from NY to California is to drive it yourself. If you are not a professional driver, it can be not only long but also stressful thing to do if you do not plan this trip to make the most of it. You could always taka a family member or a friend for you and plan your trip in a way that it can be like a little holiday for you. You can visit places you would not have a chance to visit otherwise, plan where you will sleep and rest, but then, in the end, this can turn out to be more expensive than to hire a professional. It is all about what you really want and need.


There is also one option that we did not mention before, and that is to hire a drive away services company. This is an option, but not the wisest thing to do because your car is used and can be damaged, and because your car will be driven by an unknown person. You never know what kind of accidents may happen on such a long trip and you should save your car from all possible accidents and troubles.


Car shipment from New York to Los Angeles is much safer and easier with transport company hiring. Before choosing the right company for you, make sure you discuss all options and be very specific about the budget and what services will be included within the price you pay. There are many companies on the market that provide this services so you make sure you do good research and you find the one that will give the best money value.

For sure you will be able to find the one that suits your request the best among thousands of carriers on the market from all over the county. Probably, you can even find the right company within a day or two, because this is service routes is often used by many service providers.


Services that most transport companies offer


Open car shipping

As we already mentioned, this is the car shipping method that is used widely for all car models that you will use for your everyday drive. This is usually a most efficient way of cheap car shipment, and also it is faster than the enclosed one.


Enclosed car shipping

If you want car shipment that is a bit more costly but gives full protection for your car, then you should choose enclosed car shipment. This is a more expensive way of car shipment because only 10% of the trucks in the US market are enclosed and are used for enclosed car shipment. This type of shipment is used for more expensive or luxury cars because it provides more protection from weather or road elements. You may not be able to find this kind of car shipping within the days, so you should have this on your mind.


What Is The Price For Car Shipping From New York To California?


The price can vary from  $1000 to over $1500 depending on the requests you have and the company you choose. Also, the price will be different for different car models, pick up and delivery location, distance from the point A to the point B, the time of the years, etc.

Bad weather conditions and snowbird time of the year can increase the cost of car shipping from NY to CA.

Low price should not be something you will make your decision upon, but the references of the company and the quality of services they provide. You should never make decisions like this in the rush. Take your time and consider all the available options and then make your decision.



What is the difference between automated and manual quotes?


Manual quotes are made by a logistical specialist based on the current situation on the international and national dispatch boards, and automated prices are determined by software.

You should always look for manual quotes because the transport specialist can look at the whole picture. He can make his offer based on the current market conditions, but also he can adjust the price by customers need, but to maintain the professional services.


Car shipping calculator is not something that is convenient for customers. Car shipment companies predetermine all circumstances that usually affect the price of car shipment when they use automated prices. These prices include their service fees also. Most of the times they can not predetermine many demand fluctuations and supply that affect car shipping price every day. Also, they can not give lower prices to customers and they can to adjust to their customer’s needs or demands. All this means car shipping calculator can not give the most precise price of the services to the customers because the whole process is automated.

That is why customers should always have on their mind that automated prices are higher most of the times.


But, as the market is growing, and there are more and more companies that compete on the market, customers can come across some really unrealistically low prices. This is one more of the negative tendencies of today’s car shipping market. There are companies that calculate lower quotes, and once the customers book their services and make some payments, they ask for more money because the price did not match the market price at that moment.

The idea of job beeing done by the computer can work in some cases and for something, but in this case computer can not think and has no assessed to the situation. For this job to be done the proper way by the machines, we would have to have many advanced technologies that can be used for this purpose. Still, it is a big question if they would ever be able to receive precise data from the main dispatch boards. Therefore, in this business, price quotes done manually are much more accurate and can be customed by clients needs and companies possibilities.




When we talk about car shipment from New York to California we can say that it can cost from 1000$ to 1500$, it can take from several days to several weeks and it depends on many things mentioned above. There is always more than one option available to customers, and it represents one of the personalized services.

In the end, we can say that it is all about the persons who communicate so, in the end, the best possible service is provided to the client.

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