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How To Ship Car You Bought Online

March 30, 2017

Most people now prefer buying their cars online. Apparently, shopping for vehicles online comes with several perks. Whether one is buying new car model or used vehicle, you are likely to find captivating deals online than from the local car dealer. While getting better deals on such cars is the glowing part, there is a just slight catch that changes everything; shipping.

Almost everyone who buys a car online goes through the trouble of figuring out how best to transport such vehicles. It might be worse for people buying their cars for the first time. While car owners might consider this a major snug for buying cars online, shipping your car from the online dealer to your place can be handled successfully. It does not have to be a great struggle if you have the right tips in mind. You will know how to go about it. So what do you need to know?

Consider the time taken

How soon would you like the car to be delivered? Are you in a hurry? If you need your car to be shipped within the slightest time possible, you might want to consider other shipping options like expedited express auto shipping. This takes lesser time but calls for more in terms of payment. With this method, the car can be picked within two days or less and delivered in a few days’ time depending on the distance involved. For those who might not be in a rush, you can consider other affordable and convenient car shipping options.

Which car are you shipping?

Before thinking of hiring any company, you must take into consideration the kind of vehicle you are shipping. Is it a normal Sedan or a luxury car? For those shipping antique cars, you will need to go for more than just ordinary car shipping services. Enclosed auto transport services will work for you. With this in mind, you will hire out a car transport company offering reliable enclosed car shipping services.

Do your homework

What lies next is finding the right company to ship your car. This is not a one-minute thing. It goes far beyond choosing the first car shipping company that appears on your search list. You need to vet and be certain that the company you are hiring will deliver the right services. To help you go through the process, you need to have some aspects in mind. What is it that you are looking for auto shipping companies? For some people, it might be the price. Others prioritize experience. To get the perfect car transport company, you need to look for specific attributes in car companies.

One easier way of getting all the necessary information you need is checking online reviews. What are the previous customers saying about them? Are there too many complaints about a car transport company? What is the client satisfaction rate? You can take advantage of various review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp. However, you should be careful not to believe everything you see in the reviews. Reviews simply provide a clue, do the rest of the work on your own.

The other reliable source of information is the department of Transportation. You can mine loads of information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Society. If you need any information about a company’s insurance and license record, this is the perfect place to find it. In addition, you will find any formal complaints lodged against the company from this source.

Shortlist and Contact Companies

After carrying out your research on various car transport companies, you can go ahead and contact them. You need not to contact all the auto shipping company you have heard. Shortlist the possible auto shippers and get in touch with three or two car transport companies. One of the most important things you need to do to achieve this is requesting quotes. How much is the company going to charge you for shipping your car? Now that you have carried out your research, you should be able to know the average price for shipping your car from the shop to your hometown. You should only consider companies are charging reasonable prices. Whereas getting great car shipping deal is good, you should be wary of companies offering very low quotes. They might not necessarily offer the best services. The best companies to hire are those providing exact quotes without any room for hidden costs or additional charges. They are more likely to be reliable even when it comes to delivering your car.

Yet again, you should gauge the suitability of a car transport company when you contact them. Are the staffs friendly? Do they know how to handle customers? You can’t trust people with attitude issues to offer your car a safe transport home. When you find the right the company, engage in finer details of the shipment. A good auto shipping company will provide you with an estimate of the day you should expect your vehicle.

Verify car details and authorise shipping

Even if you shop for your car online, it is advisable to look at it before authorising the shipping. To avoid any confusion that might arise later, be present when the car is being collected from the dealer. Asses the condition of the car, ensuring it is new with everything intact. Before picking the car, the company will also perform their own check and record it in the Bill of Lading (BOL). You only need to sign the papers when you are in full agreement with all the details.

Fly home and wait for your car

The car will be shipped to your doorstep or nearest terminal depending on your initial agreement. It might take a couple of days before you receive your car. Be patient and stay in touch with the company to track the progress of the shipment. You will be notified a few hours before the trailer arrives. You need to be present to receive your car. Once again, you will be required to sign the Bill of Lading, verifying that the car is in great condition. Having received your car, you can review the company online and let others know about your experience.