How to transport a car from another state

January 4, 2018

People move from state to state sometimes for various reasons. These reasons can range from relocating due to a new job, moving in to live with family or a partner, simply for the sake of it, or for a variety of other reasons. Moving out of state is not easy especially since one cannot exactly get assistance from friends or family unless they drive their car to their new location. It is also quite a daunting task especially since there are financial costs and other factors to consider as well.

In most cases, this would be considered unfeasible, and it would be better to get professional assistance. This is why auto transport companies exist, they help remove the burden of doing all the heavy work. There are plenty of auto transport companies which help their customers move their cars for a variety of prices. However, not all are made equal, some are better than others, and some are worse.

Nonetheless, it takes time to choose a reputable auto transport company. Before choosing any companies, people should take their time to research and find out about their local auto companies. It is as simple as looking at the local phone directory and calling up a few companies and their getting their quotes. Make sure to make a list of each company’s quote and plans so that they can be compared later on. Consulting a professional in the industry also works wonders as well.

Another way is to simply search up any auto company in your area and do a quick search on your preferred search engine. Or even better, ask friends about what auto transport companies they used and see if they recommend them or not. Again, make sure to make a list so they can be compared later on. Scouring the net and checking sites such as,, and a variety of other sites should help as well. Another way is check and compare auto transport companies in several companies Even better, a person can use all these methods to maximum effect.

Once a suitable company with a great bid has been found (like us at Nexus Auto), a thing to consider is choosing a method or a plan. There are plenty to choose. The person should choose one that suits their needs and is affordable at the same time as well. For instance, if a person wants something affordable and standard, they should stick to our economy plan. If a person is snazzy and has extra money to spend, they can go for one of our expensive plans.

The same can be said about methods, whether it be door-to-door or terminal. Some methods of transporting a person’s car are external trucks, one of the most popular methods. The risks of getting unintended damage is higher.

Another one is using enclosed trucks which cost more but offer protection, it is suggested that one should use this if they want to protect their car. However, again it depends on the person’s needs and how much money they have. Again, we cannot be stressed enough, a person should choose a plan they need.

Once that has been dealt with, the person must prepare themselves. They have to clean up and wash their car so they can get a better look to see on whether if there are damages, scuffs, and anything else. In most cases, personal items should be removed from the car, and the person should not fill their gas tank as it will cost them more. They should not forget to cover their car as well. Once all these steps are complete, the car is good to go, make sure to find a non-crowded place for our drivers to pick up your car.


Finally, when the person’s car reaches the other state, the process is far from over. There are a few other steps that they must complete. The person has to thoroughly inspect their vehicle to see if there is damage or not and sign the Bill of Lading and condition report. Since the car is now in a new state, it has to register. The timeframe for registering vehicles varies, so it is recommended to check with local authorities or the local DMV office. Registration can be done in the local DMV office, and it is recommended that it should be done as soon as possible. A person can happily in their state due to a job was well done by our drivers.