Impact of tolls on Auto Shipping Services

May 29, 2018

The existence of toll routes and roads has been in existence in the United States ever since history. Car shipping, on the other hand, has not been present in the country since its founding but its presence has been acknowledged over the last ten decades or probably less. When many individuals inform us about the vehicle shipping process there is an essential bit that they fail to shed light on which is how auto shipping services are impacted by tolls. Tolls can be really torturous especially when the delivery, transit and pick up experience delays or the prices shoot up unexpectedly. At the Nexus auto transport company, we identify with such hassles and distress that the regular motorists have to face every now and then.

In the past tolls were the main cause of anguish in the shipping business but over the years the technological advancements have helped in alleviating that issue. If tolls were distressing to the regular motorists you can imagine the magnitude of impact that the commercial shipping companies experienced. Inventions and innovations in technology have not completely eradicated the issue of tolls but rather made it more bearable for both the regular and commercial motorists.

How tolls impact auto shipping services – how it impacts carriers

Tolls today are not as troublesome as they used to be in the previous years which can be owed to the fact that today payments can be remotely made using electronic payment systems. There are still those regions that manual tolls are available but smart carriers make a point of evading these regions like the plague. This is because the price of shipping the vehicles might end up being more expensive as a result of the tolls that will be paid. Areas such as the Rhode Island particularly the 1-95 route as well as other main routes that are at the entry point of the state charge very high toll charges and discussions are being held on how to standardize these toll payments.

The tolls in this road and routes do not only have a negative impact on the vehicle shipping companies but also companies dealing with other products. A considerable price needs to be charged on the tolls or otherwise some business might be lost or if not carriers might result to drastic measures such as going round other long routes which will consume a lot of time and money. Some clients might also end up being lost by the shipping companies in the U.S such as the Nexus auto transport company if the long routes are used as it might lead to inconveniences and delays. Retaining the existing clients is an essential aspect of any successful business and vehicle shipping is no different.

How tolls impact auto shipping services – how it impacts customers

The charges incurred in paying the tolls should not significantly affect the finances of the carrier. Regions such as the 1-95 and neighbouring routes charge such high amounts that even the carriers feel the dent made in their finances. The customers are not usually in any way directly affected by the tolls but if the toll charges are high the shipping company will have no choice but to increase the shipping charges to shell the extra costs incurred in toll payment.

It is not often that the carrier increases the shipping charges but it is very possible in a few instances. Those few instances, however, will be because of other valid reasons and not because of toll charges. The initial price charged by the carriers is inclusive of toll charges so you need not worry. In case you have any queries, need consultation or want to make an inquiry you can feel free to contact our agents at the Nexus auto transport company and they will comprehensively respond to you almost immediately at any time of the day.

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