Important Things to Know When Transporting Your Vehicle Using and Auto Shipping Company

March 31, 2018

What exactly do you need to know before handing your car over to an auto transportation company for shipping? Well, many procedures entail moving your vehicle from one state to another due to reasons that are well known to you. The most important tips to remember are explained below:

Your vehicle will require a thorough inspection

Once your car is picked up from the location that you requested investigations of any damage such as dents and scratches among others will be conducted before embarking on the transportation process. In case you aren’t present during the time the car is delivered, a representative that you trust should be there during the last inspection. Your vehicle should be in the same condition that it left in. If that’s not the case and new damages are found, be sure to submit a claim immediately with the shipping company.

Preparing your vehicle for shipping

After identifying the transportation company that you want to handle your car, you will need to adjust your vehicle for transportation. Clean your car and get it serviced, empty the gas tank to the required level and that the battery is fully charged. Remove all the unnecessary items from the vehicle to save yourself any extra charges that you may incur.

Explain the extra-ordinaries of your vehicle

If your cars require any sensitive measures to be undertaken such as kill and cut-off switches and engaging the braking system, let it be known to your Transporter.  Any information presented about your car will enhance the shipping of your vehicle safely by your transporter. It also prevents you from incurring extra charges on your budget.

Safety depends on your method of transportation

Looking at your budget, you may decide to transport your car either by enclosed or open-air transport. Here, the price is not an option to consider when choosing the method. For the open-air version, which is considerably cheaper, your vehicle is pretty much exposed to theft and damages from rocks, debris, and weather.

At an extra cost, you could get extra attention for your vehicle in enclosed transport since they are secured with chain straps.

Reading reviews is essential before hiring a shipping company

Before embarking on the transportation factor, you might want to bear in mind that you’re putting your cash at risk. In this case, ensure that you hire a company that you trust. Do your research and check out reviews of other people who have used the particular company’s services. Enquire from friends and relatives to get recommendations.

Consider your budget

How important is your budget when you want to have your vehicle shipped? Ensure that the shipping rates that are being offered to you by a car transporter do not go far much beyond the money that you’ve set aside for the job.Following the regulations of the company such as inspecting your car will ensure that other extra expenses such as paying for unnecessary items are not incurred.

Never give an upfront payment

Beware of companies that ask for an upfront deposit instead of cash when your vehicle is picked up or dropped off.

Take note of auto transport brokers

Are you new in the car shipping industry? If yes, then you are not aware of shipping companies that bid your shipment to other transportation companies. Such companies are commonly referred to as brokers. They use low quality equipment to ship your car and employees who lack the necessary expertise skills required to handle the job.

Insurance policies

Ensure that the insurance company that you settle with has an insurance policy to cover any damages that might occur. Also, seek additional insurance coverage from your insurance provider to get comprehensive coverage on your car.

Do not focus your attention on price only

Quality services in the shipping industry are quite pricey. If quality or safety matters to you, then the cheapest mode of service is usually not the very best option. Beware of prices that are unusually low since you might be dealing with an open carrier version or brokers.

Ensure your scheduling needs are met

Providing your schedule information in detail to your transport company will ensure that the delivery does not coincide with other events. The delivery date should be flexible enough to avoid any inconveniences.  Although most companies do not provide an exact date of delivery, you can get in touch with them to get an estimated time of expected delivery.