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Is Shipping a New Car from State to State Safe?

January 17, 2017

Are you transporting your car from one state to the other? For many people doing so, the safety of their cars is always a major concern. Is my car secure during transportation? Well, shipping your car from state to state doesn’t have to be a risky venture the way many are tempted to believe. It can be fairly easy and safe. It all depends on your choices. During auto transportation, the safety of your car is affected by several factors and at Nexus Auto Transport; we understand that, more than anyone else does.

Choice of shipping company

When it comes to auto shipping, the choice of the company has a major influence. With a good and reputable company, you can be certain of your car’s safety. Most reputable car transport companies have experienced drivers who know how to navigate the various routes even in winter. On the other hand, choosing inexperienced crew to help you with car transport services can turn out for the worst. Before engaging any company for auto transportation, therefore, it is important to confirm their credentials and check company reviews. If you can get word of mouth referrals, it will be safer. At Nexus Auto Transport, we only engage highly trained staff as our employees. From the customer service unit to the drivers, we have professionals who will guarantee the safety of your car right from the moment it is picked.

Car Shipping Option

The safety of your car during auto transportation is also influenced by your choice of car shipping option. From open carrier choices to enclosed auto shipping services, you have an array of options to choose from. Open carrier service is the most common. It involves vehicles being stacked in open trailers and transported over a considerable distance. It is an affordable option and safe enough for regular cars. The other option involved enclosed carriers where vehicles are put in enclosed containers. This option is suitable for transporting antique cars. It comes with better safety measures but at relatively higher prices. You will need to dig deeper into your pocket. Here at Nexus Auto Transport, we offer both services at affordable rates. You can always confirm by getting instant quotes from our system. Our quotes are exact and even give you the average number of days it will take to ship your car.

It starts with you

Observably, the safety of your car when being transported from one state to the other doesn’t entirely rely on the car shipping company. You also need to ensure certain security measures being handing over your car for shipping. For instance, the gas tank should be below the quarter level. Even more, you should check your car for any explosives. Also, get rid of anything that might cause accidents.

By choosing the right company and having these safety measures in place, you can be sure of safe auto shipping services. You can always count on us to deliver your vehicle safely at your doorstep or the nearest terminal depending on your preferences. Call us today for any inquiries.

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