Knowing Your Options: Open vs Enclosed

April 30, 2017

‘I need to ship my car in the next two weeks by I don’t know which car transport option to choose. Should I opt for open or enclosed car shipping option?’ More often than not, first-time auto shippers find themselves at crossroads when it comes to the choice of auto transport company. Which one is worth going for?

Before getting into details, it is important for every car owner to understand what each auto shipping option entails. Open carrier auto involves vehicles being loaded onto open trucks and shipped from one point to the other. It is so common since many people find it convenient. Enclosed car shipping, on the other hand, entails autos being transported in closed carriers. In this option, the vehicle is not exposed to weather elements like rain, ice, and intensive sunshine.

The Ultimate decision

Whether or not you are going to settle on one of these car transport choices depends on various factors some of which include;

Type of car

This seems to be the most obvious factor. Open carrier auto transport is ideal for many vehicles. From average Sedan cars to normal Lorries, this option is convenient for various ordinary cars. For antique cars and luxury vehicles, however, enclosed car shipping will be more appropriate. Which car are you shipping? The model will help you a great way to solving the puzzle of which car transport option to settle on.

Level of security required

Do you feel safe with your car exposed to weather elements and some external factors? If you have doubts or is so much worried about the safety of your car, enclosed car transport would be the ideal option.

Otherwise, you can choose the open carrier. Worth noting, settling on this auto shipping option exposed your car to weather elements such as rain and the wind. As such, there lies the possibility of a chip on the paint or any other damage associated with such elements. Most of the people who feel threatened by weather elements are those with sports cars and luxury vehicles. If you feel your Porsche deserves maximum security, choose the enclosed option.


How much are you willing to spend on auto shipping? Due to the additional security measures involved, enclosed car transport costs more than the ordinary open carrier auto shipping. You can pay up to $1,000 more for enclosed transport depending on the type of vehicle and distance involved. If you have a limited budget, open carrier auto transport will just be okay for you. You do not need to stretch your car-shipping budget beyond sustainable limits. If you can spare a few more dollars, however, give your car the perfect treat by choosing the enclosed carrier option.

At the end of the day, one gets to choose what he is more comfortable with when it comes to car shipping options. Whether or not you will settle on open or enclosed car transport option is a decision you will make at a personal level. If you are unsettled, feel free to consult your auto transport company.