Long Distance Car Shipping

June 24, 2017

Interesting Auto Shipping Facts Every Car Owner Deserves to Know

Have you ever transported your car before? Did you enjoy the experience? For those who have shipped their cars in the past, one thing is evident; the experience is never the same. While some people can testify how great the auto shipping process was, others would simply say they wish they did not transport their cars. So where does the difference come in? Why do people have different car shipping experiences? It is all in the information you have. A well-informed car owner is more likely to have an awesome experience transporting his ride compared to someone who is blindly jumping into auto transportation. So what exactly should you have in mind? Let us walk you through this ever-nagging question.

Auto Transport Brokers aren’t for you

In the process of looking for car transport solutions, you might fall in the hands of brokers or auto transport agents. You might not want to blindly consider or jump into one of their deals. While it might be tempting given their persuasive nature, it is advisable to deal directly with individual car transport companies. As Long Distance car shipping team, we always advise our clients to insist in professional car transport companies and not intermediaries.

Auto shipping agents aren’t your car transporters. They might only be in for the commissions without taking critical considerations of the ultimate outcomes. Ideally, they are not responsible for the transportation process. Would you want to work with someone who doesn’t bear responsibilities for shipment of your vehicle? It is for you to decide.

One way of knowing whether you are dealing with a direct company is by verifying the DOT number. It is required that duly confirmed auto transport companies should have active USDOT and MC numbers having been registered by the Department of Transportation. With brokers, they only have MC numbers. Think wisely before considering dealing with them.

You can ship inoperable vehicles

It is easy for car owners shipping their cars for the first time to assume that auto shipping is only applicable in the case of operable vehicles. If you have always believed so, it’s time to know the truth. It is possible to ship your car from one state to the other even if it has mechanical problems. Long distance car shipping services entail the use of special equipment that will ensure loading of and transportation of such vehicles. As such, you don’t have to worry about shipping such cars. Worth noting, you will probably pay more for transporting such vehicles given the extra equipment necessary to facilitate the transportation.

Know your car basics; it saves you surprises

When shipping their vehicles, many people are not so keen in knowing the finer details of their vehicles. As such, they end up requesting quotes for vehicles that aren’t necessarily their models. The problem only comes when the final quotes are charged. Such people end with surprises and disappointments.

Knowing the exact weight and dimension of your vehicle will also save you incredible time. You will not have to gamble, trying to guess figures. If you have been able to verify such information previously, you can be sure of lower auto shipping quotes. Essentially, it is essential to have a good idea of the type of vehicle you are shipping. However, you shouldn’t be worried if you do have the exact dimensions; you can always use estimates. It works.

Worth noting, those shipping SUVs, and other larger vehicles will be charged an oversize fee. Such fees can also be applicable in cases where cars have non-standard upgrades such as spoilers. To avoid such fees, it is recommended that your remove such items prior to auto shipping.

Which auto transport option is ideal?

Car transport companies offer various auto-shipping services. In the case of long distance car shipping, we have in place both enclosed and open auto transport options. Whether or not you settle on one of them depends on critical aspects. For those who are shipping a classic car or exotic rides, you might want to consider enclosed car transport option and single-levelled trailer as well. Such an option protects the car from external damage resulting from weather elements. Even more, this shipping option prevents leaking of upper oil levels. This way, you will not have to worry about possible interference with your cute paint job. It offers enhanced protection against other elements too.

The other available option is that of using open carrier-auto transport. It is agreeable that this is the standard car transport procedure. Many people opt for this option because it is cost effective. Well, you will end up saving significant amounts of money. However, you should be careful enough not to fall for the luring appeal of compromising the quality of services offered. Long Distance car shipping open carrier transport guarantees safety for vehicles under transit. As such, you can be certain of finding real value for your money.

Can you ship a car on short notice?

Normally, it is advisable for car owners to get in touch with car transport companies at least ten days before you need the services. This gives the car transport company ample time to schedule and prepare for the auto shipping process. What happens to someone in need of quick services? Well, Long Distance Car shipping services has you covered. Through expedited express car shipping services, it is possible to arrange for quick pick-up of vehicles, within two days or even 24 hours in some cases. However, such arrangements come at additional costs. That can only mean one thing; you must have a flexible budget.

Do you have plans of transporting your car in the next few days or couple of weeks? Well, what you need is a detailed guide. You need to have solid auto shipping facts. This guide gives you through some of those facts, preparing you for an awesome auto shipping experience. To learn more about shipping, you can always take advantage of Long Distance Car shipping customer services.