Long Distance Car Transportation

June 24, 2017

Are you transporting your Car? Important Tips to Remember

Those who have transported their vehicles in the past can testify one undeniable fact; it is an involving process. That does not necessarily mean it has to be hectic or boring. Shipping your car from one state to the other can be an exciting experience. It all depends on how you handle it. If you are doing it for the first time, you might want to tuck in a couple of tips.

Be Keen of Billing of Lading

Before handing over your car to the car transport company, one of its experts must inspect the car. As the owner of the car, you need to sign the final report indicating the condition of the car, as per the inspection. In the past, many car owners have dismissed this procedure as a mere formality. They simply sign without combing through proceeding paragraphs. It is one terrible mistake you don’t want to make, trust me. Having been in the industry long enough, we understand just how essential looking into the Bill of Lading is. That is why Long Distance Transportation experts always insist on car owners reading this document before signing.

Worth noting, the Bill OF Lading isn’t just about reading and familiarizing yourself with the formalities. You need to understand all the details involved. You should be careful on companies that are so keen on verbal promises. Go through the terms and assessments and only append your signature when you are comfortable with what is documented.

Always settle for professionals

Well, transporting your car from one state to the other can be so challenging. In the midst of challenge, many car owners have in the past, made the mistake of involving unreliable dealers to help them with car shipping. Unless you do not love your car, which I believe isn’t the case, you should insist on professional auto transport company. How exactly do you know this?

The process of choosing an auto shipping company should by conducting a thorough homework. Apart from just checking the reviews and asking for recommendations, it is prudent to verify with US Department of Transportation. From their database, you can get information on the safety profile of the company. By exploring the safety records of a shipping company, you will be able to know whether the company of choice will guarantee the safety of your vehicle. Such profile also contains information on cargo insurance validating their rights of offering such a service.

Professional auto transport companies should have amazing ratings on popular review sites such as Better Business Bureau. For any looking for a great auto shipping company, you must take a keen interest in checking the possible ratings. We boast of rating of A+ in Better Business Bureau. That means you can always count on us to get the work done perfectly.

Keeping your car ready for shipping

Many first-time car shippers simply think that transporting a car has everything to do with the auto shipping company involved. Well, in as much as the car transport company plays the bulk of the roles, it is also prudent that you step in and play your part. You can achieve that by ensuring everything is as expected prior to shipping your car. We always insist on guiding our clients on the basics when it comes to preparing their cars for auto shipping. So how exactly should you go about this?

Wash your car

It is important to hand over your car to the auto transport company in charge when it is clean. A clean car is easy to inspect. In the case of ay dents or hidden damages, you will be able to assess them with less difficulty. If possible, monitor each step involved in the cleaning process.

Take photos of the car

Simply noting down the condition of the car might not be enough. To substantiate your claims in case of anything, it is advisable to take clear pictures of the vehicle prior to shipping. Be careful not to miss the finer details as such can make a great difference between getting compensations and running losses. The data you have on the condition of your car should be in line with what the car shipping company has in place. Having been in this auto transport industry long enough, we understand how confusing the conflicting information of cars under transit can be.

Assess car tires and batteries

Your car needs to have the right amount of pressure in the tires, prior to shipping. Ensure they are inflated up to the required standards. For such information, confirming with the choice of company is the best thing to do. In our case, you can always take advantage of our friendly customer care team. Your car batteries need to be in good condition. Closely related to this is the fact that you need to prepare your car for all possible weather conditions. Be keen in checking the anti-freeze levels.

Keep auto shipping company updated

Does your car has any mechanical issues? Is there something specific the car transport company needs to know about your car? At Long Distance Car Transportation, we always encourage our clients to embrace an open policy. Issues like loose breaks and other mechanical problems should be shared with our experts, prior to shipping. It ensures your car is transported safely without necessarily endangering the lives of those involved in the transportation process.

Verify insurance covers

When shipping your car, the last thing you want to do is assume that your auto transport company has you covered in case of accidents. It is never as obvious as it seems. Different car transport companies have various insurance policies for vehicles under transit. It is only fair enough for you to verify such policies and confirm that you are comfortable with them.

Are you shipping your car in the next couple of days? It doesn’t have to trouble you. With this guide, you are bound to make an informed decision, one that will ensure a seamless car transport process!