Ship a car

How long does it take to ship a luxury car state to state?

June 13, 2017

Have you ever shipped your car before? How long did you have to wait to have your car delivered to the desired destination? Time is a critical aspect when it comes to auto shipping. The truth is; every antique car owner wants his car delivered as soon as possible. That is why they are always willing to go to greater lengths just to ensure timely auto shipping processes. Reliable auto transport companies will always give you estimates on the number of days involved. This might be reassuring but the ultimate auto shipping time depends on several factors.

The distance involved

For longer distances, you expect to receive your car later. It can take up to a week, two or even more to be able to receive your car at the designated destination. It is important to have an idea the average distance between the pickup and delivery points. With the help of online calculators, you can also get such information. In essence, auto-shipping distances are divided into short or long distances. It is necessary to confirm with your auto shipping company the number of days the process will take based on the distance involved.

Prevailing weather conditions

Shipping luxury cars in winter aren’t so popular amongst many people. This is because of the prevailing atmospheric conditions. Consequently, some roads are difficult to access in winter due to snow coverage. If you are the car is to be shipped along such routes, you should expect to wait a little longer before seeing your car. It becomes even more challenging when such roads prove impassable. The careers might decide to exploit other routes, probably longer than the normal routes. What you need in such cases is a high level of patience.

Traffic involved

Cars are shipped using large trucks. These trucks can only carry a limited number of the vehicle taking into consideration the space available and strict weight regulations. For a company operating on a first come, first serve basis, you can be sure to wait until the orders before you are cleared before yours begin. This is mostly evident in summer when many car owners ship their vehicle between different states and across the country.

Ship your car faster

If you cannot wait too long to drive your antique ride, you have the option of going for expedited express car shipping service. What is the difference? Under this consideration, your vehicle will be picked as soon as possible without having to wait for eternity. In many cases, you will have the vehicle picked up within two days. It is also possible for this to be arranged within twenty-four hours depending on the level of urgency. To be able to enjoy such services, you must be willing to dig dipper into your pockets. Simply think of setting aside an extra budget of $600-$1200 depending on the type of car. To avoid spending extra money unnecessarily, you can schedule auto shipping earlier enough, say two weeks. It will be more convenient and affordable for you!