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How long should I wait to have my Car Delivered?

December 20, 2016

Every auto-shipping customer I ever come across wants his car delivered as soon as possible. When will I get my car? When will it be picked by your team? Undoubtedly, that ranks as of the commonly asked questions. The truth is, auto-shipping companies might not have a magic number like three or seven days. In many cases, there is an estimated time over which your vehicle should be delivered. The more accurate it is, the better it is for the customer. Worth noting is that this number depends on a number of factors. Which are some of them? I will recommend highly a couple of them.

The Covered Mileage

The number of days taken for your car to be delivered safely at your doorstep is largely dependent on the distance between the pick-up points and the delivery point. The days taken range from one to ten depending on the distance involved. For a detailed view of how long the auto shipping process might take, you can take advantage of our instant online quote calculator. You will not only know how much you will be paying for the services but also the number of days it will take to have your car delivered depending on the distance involved.

Is it an emergency?

In the case of emergencies, the time taken to have your car delivered is definitely shorter. Depending on how urgent the situation is, you can get in touch with our auto transport experts arrange for auto shipping services as soon as possible. Where possible, the vehicle will be picked within two to three business days. We can even make it shorter in line with your needs. For emergencies, we recommend our customers to opt for expedited express car shipping services. This top line auto shipping option is for the few customers who are willing to spend a little more to unite with their cars sooner than necessary. With additional charges, you will be able to get such services in a carefree way.

The Pick-Up Time

The number of days it takes for your vehicle to be picked up has a direct impact on the number of days it will take to have it delivered. Typical picking up of cars takes between four to seven business days. If your car is picked on the fourth day, it is likely to arrive a couple of days or hours than the ones picked on later dates. For express expedites services, your vehicle will be shipped be picked within three days. Again, the time taken for the vehicle to be delivered is dependent on other factors like mileage.

Track the auto shipping progress

To avoid unnecessary worries of concerns, you can track the progress of your car by simply getting in touch with us during the auto shipping process. Our 24-hour dispatch department is always there to assist customers with vehicle tracking issues. Simply get in touch, and our dedicated team of experts will be willing to help. At the end of the day, attaining optimum client satisfaction is our top most goal.