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What To Look For When Seeking A Car Transporter

November 5, 2016

Hiring auto transporters can be a challenging task, especially if you do not have the perfect idea of how to settle on the best one. Many first time clients end up making terrible mistakes. Even for experienced customers, choosing the most suitable car shipping company can be quite difficult if you don’t know what it takes to get one. To be on the safer side, one needs to have a checklist when hiring car transporters. It will not only help you land on the perfect service provider but also save you incredible time. What then should be in your checklist? That remains the big question that we are about to answer.


One of the easiest ways of distinguishing a suitable car transporter from others is checking their USDOT licenses. A credible company will always have information about this posted on their website for all to see. In addition, you will get direct links to USDOT site just in case one might need confirmation. Licensing is proof that the service providers are not only recognized by the relevant body but also trusted to execute its duties. Any company that has issues showing you this essential information might as well not be worth your time and money.

Insurance is Key

However experienced or perfect a car transport company is, the possibilities of misfortunes can never be ruled out. Your car can be involved in an accident during shipment. Will you just forget about it or spend countless months seeking compensation from the company? That’s where insurance comes in. Before getting involved with a company, you need to ensure they have a valid insurance cover and are registered with FMCSA. In most cases, information related to insurance cover is available for every client to see on the website. If you can see such information and their site and consequently verify their credibility from the links provided, chances will be high that the auto transporters are worth your time.

Reviews Count

What’s the experience of other customers with the same company? Were they satisfied with the services? Nothing answers these questions better than personal reviews from individual customers. That gives you every reason to take advantage of various business review sites when seeking the services of auto transporters. Sites like Better Business Reviews, Yelp, Transport Ranking Reviews, and Angie’s lists are dedicated to supplying the customer with true reflections of various companies. You can also check the same from Yahoo and Google to verify what previous customers are saying about them. If everyone is complaining, your case will be no different.


Your choice of auto Transport Company should be flexible enough to accommodate your car shipping needs. Booking in advance is encouraged, but anything can happen that might call for sudden change in plans. A good auto shipping company will always go out of its way to accommodate emergencies and make the customer’s experience satisfactory. If the company you are about to hire does not support this, it might not be the best choice for you!