The Main Players in The Shipping of a Car Using Vehicle Shipping Companies

April 10, 2018

Auto transportation companies transport your motor vehicle following the details that you’ve filled out on the provided paperwork. In most cases, the information provided for shipping a car usually differ across various transportation companies. Before embarking on the procedure of transporting your vehicle, you need to be well informed of the basics of shipping and the parties that are involved in the whole process.

Which are the basics that are directly involved in the shipping of a vehicle? Go through the information below to understand the parties that are included in the transportation of an auto.

The Shipper

A shipper is the customer or client in need of transportation services and is the first person to take part in the shipping process. This party reaches out to the freight forwarder to ship a car overseas.

Shipping Agent

Shipping agents have several tasks in the transportation of vehicles:

  • They take care of any jobs that are directly related to the moving of merchandise and paperwork associated with the same
  • They are representatives of auto transportation companies staged at specific ports
  • They organize and ensure that the activities that the activities that are carried out during the shipping process stay at the hub or port

The Shipping Company

A shipping company is an organization complete with staff and offices and is responsible for transporting vehicles to various ports or centers, following specific and common routes. The shipping company is a legal owner of transportation vessels that enhance the transportation of cars, from loading, transportation and unloading activities.

The Carrier

This is the person who has the responsibility of moving the container enclosing your car from a specific pick up location to the drop off point.

Insurance Company

The company itself ensures that your auto is covered should any severe damages or theft occur during transportation. Also, for more comprehensive insurance coverage, you as a customer is always advised to obtain an additional insurance cover from your service provider to cover for other damages that the shipping company will not be able to insure.

The Consignee

Any contact and communication throughout the shipping process are directed to the consignee. Also, this party appears on your bill of lading to receive your shipment upon delivery to the required destination.

The Freight Forwarder

This is an administration that is responsible for arranging, monitoring and coordinating all measures and operations essential for transportation and international shipping of vehicles on a customer’s behalf. The freight forwarder is also in charge of any communications between the customer and the car transport service during the entire shipping process.

Vehicle Shipping Agreement

Hiring a transportation company means that you are signing a contract to ship your car. to limit the liability of the parties involved, a car shipping company is provided entailing stating that:

  1. If you desire anything or any service to be changed, put it down on paper
  2. If you change your mind just when your carrier has already incurred extra expenses while on the way to pick up your car, you may be required to settle the cancellation costs
  3. In a case where you imagined that your vehicle had been delivered in a different piece as it was when it left without documented proof, then you will not be able to entangle the carrier or broker responsible in a lawsuit.
  4. Failure to complete transportation fees will see to it that the shipping company uses whichever legal means to recover the payments.
  5. Settling of shipping costs is due when your vehicle has been delivered to you, even in the case where other damages are present. The losses will be taken care of once payment has been made.
  6. A thorough inspection should be carried out upon the receiving of your auto to identify and note any new damages present on the vehicle
  7. The shipping company does not provide at any point, guarantees for pick up dates, length of transportation time or delivery dates.
  8. Presence of the shipping client or a representative is required to ship and to receive the vehicle to enable the transportation process to take place
  9. Prepare your car to make it ready for transportation by servicing it and cleaning it up among other requirements.

To correctly understand the whole car shipping process, as a customer, it is essential that you be well familiar with all the parties that are involved in the transportation process.