Moving out the easy way with us

September 13, 2018

Moving out is like a nightmare for everybody involved.   It is like going into the war zone and don’t know what to expect.  But, stories from friends and other people around tells mostly horror experiences regarding transporting their vehicles.  Stories about the hardness to find a reliable auto transport service company always exist, coupled with tales of damage cars when they reach their destination.  These stories are heard from reliable sources.


Possible sad experiences in moving out

  • Being not able to reach the destination on time is one of the horrors of getting someone to transport your car.  Often times our travel is carefully on time constraints and we can’t afford to miss something, just because your car was not yet delivered.  What a stressful condition.
  • Being not able to tract the process of transporting your car.  When your car is late or hasn’t reached its destination yet, you need to track it’s where about.  But, if your provider has no capability of tracking it, then you will have to wait at their mercy.
  • Damage on the cosmetics of your car.  Your car was picked up shining like brand new and to receive it with dents and scratches, will raise your temper and blood pressure.
  • Hidden costs.  Another possible problem is when they asked for additional costs from you.
  • Inaccurate quotation.  The quotation is not properly done.  There are misrepresentations and inaccurate data.


How can a reliable auto transport company provide solutions to the problems above?

Being an experienced transport shipping company, it will be able to provide a systematic transport service that is capable of the following features:

  • Delayed are often caused by lack of proper connections and experience transport handlers, that will facilitate soft and easy processing of all documents and expedite the shipment.
  • Another concern that needs a solution is tracking your client’s car.  
    A reliable car transport service provider has the capability of tracking down the car of its clients.  It is enabled in the system.
  • A reliable car transport company should include complete insurance coverage of the car from pick-up to delivery.  This will relieve the customer of the anxiety, thinking that everything is covered.
  • A reliable transport company has auto compute capability and accuracy is a must.  They also practiced transparency in every aspect of their processing. There is no hidden cost.  The final rate is what the customer pays, no hidden cost.
  • A good company is using software to auto quote.  It is almost always accurate. They always invest in modern technology to serve better.


Spotting a reliable auto transport companies

Getting to know if a company is reliable or not will be easier if you follow these few guides.

  • It has good reviews.  Good companies will always have good reviews from their past and satisfied clients.  More of these reviews are evidence of reliability and good service.
  • It is featured in magazines.  Some reputable magazines will feature companies that they think offers incomparable services.  Transport magazines will sometimes feature a company of good reputation. Take it from them.
  • It is referred.  A good and reliable company will always be referred by its past clients.  It is a word of mouth principle.
  • It offers complete services. A perfect company offers a variety of services.  They always want to cater to everything in the market.
  • It has good physical presence. Impressions last and this is the case.  When you happen to see a company’s office, you always want to see the building make itself, the people who are around and the equipment they have.  All of those physical factors will define a company. When a company has all the necessary equipments, and the office is exceptional, they must be a good one.
  • Its management and staff.  A good company will always be managed and run by qualified professionals.  If the staff you met are not kind and displayed a bad working attitude, better stay away from that company.
  • Its past and current clients.  Check who they worked with in the past and who they partnered with today.  “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are,” that is the exact logic.


Moving out the easy way with Nexus

Moving out the easy way, with Nexus Auto Transport Company is a privilege.  It’s how we do things.  We don’t give our clients a hard time, as we absorbed everything and leave them the comfort.  Check us out at, and awesome things are waiting for you to be discovered.